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Govt considers asking incoming citizens to pay $$ for quarantine
Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2020

Govt considers asking incoming citizens to pay $$ for quarantine
"Trinidad and Tobago National Racquet Centre in Tacarigua which initially housed the 33 citizens who came from Barbados that would have cost roughly $1 million to set up. We had to add to that - catering, staff costs, and consumables. The Debe/ Penal campus cost roughly that, but then the UWI spent some money - a few hundred thousand dollars for perimeter fencing and work. That does not include meals, consumables, and staffing costs. The Brooklyn Center - rented at $110,000- 120,000 per month, initially three months. That center has been waiting for a group of persons for a week and a half. Balandra - $85,000 per month. That was for first set of cruisers that came in from Guadeloupe. Those are some of the costs", said Deyalsingh.

Foreign employers might be asked to pay for quarantine of T&T workers
The Government has sought to explain that it will only consider allowing a specific group of incoming citizens to pay for their quarantine.

Starlite CEO apologises for controversial online comments...again

Aboud sorry for Facebook comments

Dennis: $600k funding cap for large hotels
Tobago hoteliers operating properties of 100 rooms or more can access a maximum of $600,000 from the Government's $50 million fund facility.

Marcia Henville's son shot dead
The victim has been identified as Isaiah Chioke Cadet of Mandervilla Ave, Penco Gardens, Chaguanas.

Venezuelans want more time in T&T

Gary on use of force: We are not the enemy
Tensions remain high, even in Trinidad and Tobago, as protests against police brutality perpetrated on unarmed Black people in the United States continue. Griffith says it's unfair to compare their situation to T&T's when all the lives both in the service and as civilians are Black lives.

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