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No approach by US to sanction T&T
Posted: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Rowley: No approach by US to sanction T&T
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says that despite the ongoing rumours of otherwise, he knows of no move by the United States government to sanction Trinidad and Tobago.

Moses on Rio Treaty call: Attempts to undermine TT foreign policy
Dr Rowley said the country was taking no such action.

Khan: Govt looking to renegotiate upstream gas price

Minister: New land bill will slow fraudsters
"I thought I had seen it all but, I believe it was last year, when someone who had witnessed a highly fraudulent land transaction deposited the documents on my desk and it related to signatures that were forged, stamps that were fabricated and a complete fraudulent transaction which passed the muster of one of the largest financial institutions in this country which granted a $6 million mortgage.

PM confirms Parliament's life ends in Sept
If the Parliament is dissolved in July as suggested by the PM, it means it will be due within 90 days, which could see the country undertaking the election process by October or even earlier.

Tobago's wastage of taxpayers money happening for a long time
The Chairman of the Tobago Business Chamber, Martin George has revealed that wastage in Tobago has been occurring for years.

38 families get keys to HDC homes in south Trinidad
The Government is expected to earn an estimated $14 million from the sales of 20 Housing Development Corporation (HDC) units, 14 at Harmony Hall and six at Riverside/Corinth, said Minister of Housing and Urban Development Edmund Dillon.

TT Black Lives Matter activist to US ambassador: Prayers not enough
"While we welcome the prosecution of the officer involved in the killing of George Floyd we continue to call for justice for all those unlawfully killed at the hands of the police and a total reformation of the police and protective services globally, including here in TT."

UWI vice chancellor: George Floyd protest is Caribbean's too
Beckles drew a connection between the Caribbean and the struggle of African-Americans for equality, highlighting how some sons of the Caribbean influenced and contributed to that struggle.

Starlite CEO tells black people change their mindset
"Racism is one thing but the right to have an opinion is another. If I don't like Chinese people you can't force me to like Chinese people. I may have my reasons and I am entitled to that..."

Dianne didn't know about 'All lives matter'

Hilary Beckles: Floyd's fight is our fight

PoS Passport Office moved
THE PASSPORT OFFICE on Frederick Street has moved to the Government Campus Plaza on Wrightson Road.

Ministry outlines procedure to apply for travel exemptions

Stores closing down in South
"We can say about ten†per cent of businesses in San Fernando and environs†have closed down," Singh said.

Windies squad announced for England tour
Subject to the final approval of the United Kingdom Government, the West Indies will defend the Wisden Trophy in three Test matches to be played behind closed doors, starting on July 8. The touring party, who will all be tested for covid19 this week, are scheduled to fly to England on private charters on June 8 from Antigua.

Birds drowned as Coast Guard intercepts pirogue
Several birds drowned after they were thrown into the sea, when Coast Guard officers intercepted a pirogue off Cedros, this morning. Three crew members reportedly were detained, while several animalsóincluding monkeys, macaws, bullfinches, and parrotsówere rescued.

State to compensate SRP for false imprisonment
A special reserve constable and her daughter-in-law will be compensated by the State for their false imprisonment when they were arrested at their home in Biche in 2017, and taken to the police station where they spent two days before they were released.

Women detained after family chopping
A woman has been arrested in connection with an incident in which a family of three, including a child, were chopped at their South Oropouche home. Police are still searching for the woman's boyfriend who lives in the area.

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