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$100M to deal with floods
Posted: Sunday, May 24, 2020

$100M to deal with floods
In preparation for the June to November rainy season, the ministry has embarked on a nationwide drainage programme to help reduce flooding in low-lying areas across the country. But despite putting measures in place to deal with the large volumes of water from the rainfall, Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan said it was impossible to eliminate floodings due to the change in the country's weather patterns.

The group was processed at the Cruise Ship Complex and were driven out of the facility at around 8:30 pm inside a National Security bus with a police escort destined for University of the West Indies' Debe Campus.

Trini cruise ship crew coming home
Government was able to implement arrangements for the return of 59 nationals who were on board cruise liners trying to get home more than six weeks.

UK to fly home 900 Caribbean travellers in June
A British High Commission release stated that Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) teams across the Caribbean also helped over 11,000 British travellers return to the UK via commercial routes.

There had been a few protests following the announcement that Peters, a former United National Congress MP, was the sole candidate selected by the Moruga/Tableland committee to be screened for the upcoming general election. Following that revelation many staged protests in the area stating "No Lovell, no vote," clamouring for the incumbent MP, Dr Lovell Francis to be given another chance.

CoP warns protesters and activists

2 Coast Guard officers held for breaching Public Health rules
Police said they found the Coast Guard members and 13 others liming near the house with alcoholic drinks in hand around 12.30 am on Saturday. There was a car playing loud music at the location. Police the group that their gathering was in breach of the public health ordinance which mandates groups of five or less to congregate. The officers then left.

PM: Learn from Muslim way for life

Kamla: Eid provides spiritual enrichment

Police probe Jamaat land grab
Officers assigned to the elite unit began their probe after a section of land behind the mosque was cleared and backfilled recently.? The illegal occupation of the lands at Mucurapo was one of the factors which triggered the bloody attempted coup by the Jamaat in July 1990.

Pan African Festival launch Monday
Zakiya Uzoma-Wadada, ESCTT executive chair said, “We intend to take the positive out of this very complex and challenging scenario that is affecting everyone across the world, especially as this year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1970 Black Power Revolution.

IR specialists: Pandemic no excuse for anti-worker action
Brown said initially covid19 brought honest and open talks between unions and employers but as the fear receded, the level and quality of collaboration decreased. He said now some employers were trying to take advantage of the situation to justify forced use of vacation, salary cuts, and permanent lay-offs.

Kamla: PM Rowley hiding from issues
The former head of the public service, Reginald Dumas said it was "pure speculation" as to whether Rowley had indeed gone silent and was dodging the media. He said while there may be issues Rowley do not wish to speak on just yet, the questions surrounding transparency and democracy still lingered.

Monkey found in hospital operating theatre
Forced to wait for some additional time as zoological officers were called in to capture the animal, hospital officials have denied social media claims that a snake was also found on the hospital compound around the same time.

Kublalsingh arrested as highway works resume
Police arrested the head of the Highway Reroute Movement Dr Wayne Kublalsingh and wrecked his vehicle from a highway construction site at Mon Desir in Fyzabad after he attempted to stop excavators from bulldozing forests on private lands Saturday.

Landslip leaves Cedros residents in fear for 2 years

Supermarket worker killed, Venezuelan wife spared
Mohammed, 33, was with his Venezuelan wife in a bed room at their home when they were alerted by the barking of their dogs. Mohammed went to make a check and a man entered the house and began shooting. Mohammed was found lying on the corridor with gunshot wounds to his head and back.

Icacos beach-dweller has 23-year police record
In that interview, Clarke did not mention any previous run-ins with the law, giving the impression that 2014 was the first time he had been charged or jailed. When asked in that first interview why he spent two years in jail and not out on bail, he said he had applied for bail several times and had been refused. The long list of charges to his name would explain those refusals.

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