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Posted: Saturday, May 16, 2020

PATHOGENS such as a bacterium which causes the potentially lethal leptospirosis disease, salmonella, and an organism that can lead to heart conditions which can end in death, have been found in local wildlife which is consumed by the population as "wild meat."

UWI doing studies on diseases spread by local wild animals

PM: $16.7m in salary relief grants paid out
Indarsingh then asked about the self-employed assistance and rental grant assistance included in the question. Rowley replied that if he filed the question with the appropriate ministry the answer would be provided; in a later question Social Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis reported 220 out of 946 applications for rental grant assistance had been processed.

Gov't spending $400 for single room, $600 for double room at Cascadia

West: T&T at the bottom of the rung in tax collection
"T&T is the only one of those (Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica) that does not have a revenue authority. And when you look at its tax to GDP collection, it is at the bottom of the rung of those four." According to West, T&T is the least efficient tax authority in the Caribbean and that it is because, in her view, "we haven’t implemented the revenue authority system."

'New normal': MoH releases reopening guidelines for businesses

Bail Bill flops without Opposition support
Earlier, Opposition Whip David Lee vehemently complained that the Opposition had been given no notice beforehand that the House would be debating the bill. Government Whip Camille Robinson-Regis said the bill was included on the order paper, which itself constituted notice to the world. She said debate had been completed previously and she was surprised by Lee's objection.

Young should have known better - Mariano
"Whenever a visitor came to see the minister or the PM, the relevant desk officer would be required to prepare a detailed briefing note, including a bio of the individual coming to the meeting, the issues to be covered, matters of concern to this country and suggestions on the strategy to be followed by the minister or PM," Browne said.

US issues advisory to stop illicit shipping, sanctions evasion

Imbert: Has the casino industry made promises to UNC?
Imbert said there have been attempts to regulate the industry since 1999 and the previous UNC administration allowed legislation to lapse three times. He said the Gambling (Gaming and Betting) Control Bill was introduced in May 2015 but upon the dissolution of Parliament in 2015 for election it was allowed to lapse.

Health CEO: Halting private COVID tests could bring tidal wave

COVID Underdogs: Trinidad & Tobago
Beating an epidemic with speed

Brian Manning closer to contesting father’s old seat
Brian Manning, the son of the late prime minister Patrick Manning, has moved one step closer to being the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) standard-bearer in the upcoming general election for the constituency his father held for 44 consecutive years.

Bake and shark sales bringing life back to Maracas Beach

Drowned teenager’s body found in La Brea Port
Reports are that Thomas and another teenager went for a swim at about 10 am on Tuesday. When Thomas got into difficulties, the friend tried to help him, then swam ashore to alert passers-by.

Decomposed body found in Curepe apartment complex
Police said they were told the deceased was last seen alive about three weeks ago by other tenants of the said apartment complex.

Three held for sexually assaulting girls

Tobago man jailed for stealing olive oil
Asked by the magistrate to explain why he stole the olive oil, Bachoo said, "I took it based on advice from an old man that I can mix it with lemon to pass out 'old blood' since I got into an accident and was robbed."

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