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Reduce US $6b food import bill now
Posted: Monday, May 11, 2020

UWI to C'bean govts: Reduce US $6b food import bill now
Ganpat warns the region to look beyond the surface of economic loss, and he questions the Caribbean's current and future ability to maintain a US$6 billion food import bill.

Panday: UNC has lost its way
The United National Congress (UNC) celebrated its 31st anniversary on April 30

Kamla to sue Rowley for defamation

Kamla wants small businesses, manufacturers reopened

School Nutrition Programme to distribute 7,300 meals to students
The Ministry said Quality Assurance Officers and Zonal Managers, field staff of the NSDSL, will be visiting kitchens on Monday to ensure that meals are produced under strict food safety guidelines, as per the usual guidelines of the SNP.

Restaurants insist on covid19 safety: No mask, no food

Some doubles vendors stay shut on Monday
"We'll be taking precautions. It will be more lining up than before."

Prices for roti and doubles may go up
The warning comes in the wake of their complaints that prices for the basic ingredients for T&T's favourite street food, have shot up in the last 6 weeks.

Parenting highlighted after porn in online classes
"The commendable and tireless efforts of our teachers, who ensure that our students continue to be taught during this unprecedented period of the covid19 pandemic, must be supported with strong parental supervision and guidance. Parents and guardians must exercise their responsibility and do all in their power to minimise opportunities for students to access undesirable websites,"

Police Association against 'buying out leave'
"What we are saying is that if it is the organization is preparing to go the way of buying out leave in such a manner, it should be done in a fair and transparent way. Persons across the board, who have put in similar hours, and made similar commitments to the police service should have similar options. However, that is not the case. It is not a fair playing field across the board. And therefore we cannot support the leave buy out," Dickson said.

Ocean science for climate change

Health ministry's warning on contaminated ginger
The warning came after reports that almost 200 pounds of ginger was contaminated with the pesticide methomyl, also known as lannate, and was being sold at a market...Lannate is toxic and can cause nausea, dizziness and confusion. At very high exposures such as accidents or major spills, it can cause extreme respiratory paralysis and death.

Former alderman killed in Valencia accident
According to reports, around 4.50 am on Sunday morning, 45-year-old Bidaisee was driving along the Valencia stretch heading east when he attempted to evade a dog which had run across the roadway. In trying to manoeuvre the car, Bidaisee lost control and the vehicle collided with a nearby light pole.

RC church in Penal provides hot meals, hampers to Venezuelan migrants

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