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More nationals to return to TT
Posted: Friday, May 8, 2020

Young opens borders to 2 groups of Trinis
And Government's now being flooded almost “hourly with requests from nationals all over the world seeking exemption from border closure regulations, trying to get home."

More nationals to return to TT
The government is allowing nationals from Guyana, Venezuela and Margarita to re-enter the country while the borders remain closed.

Stiff fines, jail for errant party boats, animal cruelty in new bill
PARTY BOAT operators face a $150,000-fine and ten years in jail if they breach the Shipping Act.

James: PNM has created political crisis in Tobago
James said that with the Tobago House Assembly elections carded for January 2021, Dennis is to pave the way for Political Leader of the Tobago Council Tracy Davidson-Celestine, to create history, becoming the first female Chief Secretary of the THA.

Covid19 highlights gaps in TT's food security
In responding to the implications for farmers, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat, told Business Day via WhatsApp, that imports can be disrupted in several circumstances and they are not unique to TT. He noted that the government has a variety of initiatives in place to assist farmers. These include land tenure, subsidies to support production, infrastructure work such as road repairs and flood mitigation, use of technology, and providing food safety through training.

How do we reopen the economy?

State aid to churches raises eyebrows
The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government has centres located throughout both islands; and possess personnel who are paid and trained in performing social service delivery in a dispassionate and professional manner. This Ministry could have been entrusted with the task of sourcing of foods from Namdevco farmers, supermarket associations and relief agencies.

Basic foods already VAT-free

Feed the homeless: Mayor will 'turn a blind eye'
In the past, the Mayor had repeatedly appealed to citizens to refrain from providing meals to the homeless while they were away from the Centre for the Socially Displaced at King's Wharf, San Fernando.

Student's online porn-share disrupts class
The Tobago arm of the T&T Police Service's Child Protection Unit is now investigating an incident in which pornography was flashed on the screen during an online Zoom class being facilitated by a Bishop's Anstey High School teacher yesterday, forcing an abrupt end to the session.

Minister's daughters get exposed to porn during online classes
The Minister also cautioned parents to teach their children the importance of respecting the privilege of online learning.

Survey: Trinis split on covid19 being man-made

UNC on MFO survey: People worried about their income

Young: Masks not a major threat to security
National Security Minister Stuart Young continues to encourage people to wear facemasks when venturing outdoors and said the masks did not present a major challenge to law enforcement as police were well within their rights to ask people to briefly remove the masks so they could be identified.

CoP tells Rowley: UK, US 'delirious' for continuing Cambridge probe
Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has responded to Dr Keith Rowley's ridicule that while the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) ended its probe into the Cambridge Analytica (CA) saga, the United States Congress and British Parliament are continuing their investigations.

Tobago 3 held for sex attack on minors, one as young as 7
In one case, a 16-year-old girl reported to Child Protection Unit (CPU) officers on April 29 that she had been sexually assaulted by a man between May 2019 and April of this year. Cpl Walters of the Tobago CPU investigated and a 39-year-old man later surrendered. He was charged with 17 counts of sexual penetration.

PCA launches probe after cops shoot Coast Guard officer

How can we improve our gut health?
The microbiome is affected by many factors, including genetics, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. However, 20% of gut microbiota is affected by environmental factors like diet.

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