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Suriname 69 test negative
Posted: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Suriname 69 test negative for covid19
They are under a mandatory 14-day quarantine.The men said despite some initial hiccups at the facility, everything was sorted out and they had no complaints.

Callender: PNM places trust in youth
Dennis, 33, replaced Kelvin Charles earlier on Wednesday to become the youngest-ever Chief Secretary.

TTPS closes investigation into Cambridge Analytica allegations
"The allegation is that sometime in the year 2009 or 2010, data analyst and author Christopher Wylie had accessed electronic data of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago with the intention of interfering with the electoral process of this country."

Police end Cambridge Analytica, A&V Drilling investigations
Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith said while the police do not have an obligation to give a final report on these investigation, they would do what is required to resolve all high-profile cases. "We have seen that most of these investigations are usually political, which means at times about half the country may not be pleased with the results. "But as I said, we are not here to please anyone. And if you donít like the results, well, thatís your problem." Griffith said.

TTPS closes investigation on alleged Miami bank transactions
Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said an investigation into allegations regarding 'nefarious bank transactions' made to a Miami-based bank has been closed after no evidence of the transactions was found.

I asked for probe of wire transfer, not bank account, says Moonilal
During his contribution to the 2018 budget debate, Moonilal had claimed to have documents that allegedly linked Rowley to a bank transaction in Florida that involved the AV Drilling company. Rowley denied Moonilalís claim the, describing it as a "monstrous lie" and referred the matter to the police for a probe. The PM also took legal action against Moonilal for his statements.

Crisis in petrochemical sector
There is now a full-blown crisis in the local petrochemical sector, with four plants shut down in four months and word that more could be taken out of operation as the sector reels under low commodity prices and the high cost of natural gas in T&T.

Young: Offenders to pay for broken ankle-tags
Young said 300 devices are supplied within a $10.3 million package including support, but had previously detailed the cost of the devices themselves as $1.4 million for a batch of 150 and $1 million for 100 devices, suggesting each one costs $10,000... Young said judges could use the devices as a condition of bail. It is also a key tool to provide comfort for domestic violence victims who are virtually screaming out for help...

Patient in high noon drama at San Fernando hospital
A man wearing a patientís gown took to the roof of the San Fernando General Hospital at noon yesterday and was spotted running. The incident was also captured on social media with the video showing the man pacing the galvanised roof, revealing his naked body as he ran.

Dumas 'scandalised' by Moonilal's letter to US envoy
Dumas said as someone who spent much of his working life representing TT, "I have to say I was deeply disappointed and scandalised by that letter, because you do not involve foreign governments in your internal affairs. "If the US wishes to investigate, then it will investigate, and it will approach the government of TT and say 'Could you tell us your side of the story?'"

Minister: Hundreds retrenched as Unilever ends production
Mark had asked if Unilever intended to retrench 286 workers in its restructuring, and whether the Government would intervene. The news came a fortnight after Unilever in TT reported a $54 million loss for last year.

Mark: Govt using covid19 for power grab
"The sheer number of amendments to be considered by this Senate, and the number of pieces of legislation involved, seriously curtail the ability of any member to properly and effectively scrutinise the legislation."

UWI: No one will be forced into covid19 drug trials
During the symposium question and answer segment, Seemungal was asked why UWI had gone in the direction of the trials, what was the process for approval and whether concerns regarding the ethics, safety and "medical colonialism" were merited.

Venezuelan migrants form small community on Icacos beach
Using Google Translate, Alvaro Perez said they came to Trinidad by boat 11 months ago from Tucupita. Eighteen members of a family live in one shack and Perez said they work hard together to make ends meet.

CoP: No data on gender violence during quarantine
Griffith explained that increases in cases of domestic violence could be related to the implementation of a specific unit, highly trained to serve in TT with a degree of confidentiality and sensitivity, that now functions within the police.

'Help me school my children'
Icacos mother Cindy Balchan is begging for help for her five children saying they are unable to access governmentís online classes because they have no smart tools or internet.

Judge awards $1m for prison beating
A HIGH COURT judge has awarded almost $1 million in damages to four men who were beaten by prison guards in the airing yard of the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca in 2015. In awarding a total of $775,000 to the four, including interest and costs, Justice Carol Gobin said the conduct of the guards was "reprehensible, oppressive and unprovoked."

Video on Coast Guardsman shooting contradicts police statement

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