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Lukewarm response to extra COVID testing
Posted: Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Lukewarm response to extra COVID testing
As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to decrease, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram has admitted that very few people are going to public health centres and emergency departments to get tested for the virus.

Social Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis is hoping religious leaders will do the right thing with the millions granted to them to feed the poor. And if they don't, they should know God is watching them and the second tranche of relief dollars will not be given, she added.

Kamla: Reduce taxes, remove VAT from basic food items
Reduce taxes for citizens and businesses most affected by the COVID-19 crisis, remove VAT from basic food items to help people regain their feet and restart the Guaracara refinery. The recommendations are among a five-pronged economic manifesto plan which the Opposition has compiled to restore growth and transform T&T, post COVID-19.

UNC suggests five tips to boost economy post-COVID-19

'Roadmap to Recovery' team invites public to make submissions

This country spends more than US $200 million per year on new and foreign—used vehicles, the single biggest item on our list of imports. It is the most wasteful use of scarce foreign exchange given that we already have more vehicles per capita than most countries, they clog up our roads and feast on fuel subsidies (at least diesel does).

'I just read the Express Editorial'
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley...While they deign to comment on the scandalous behavior of the UNC operatives, as usual they have to sprinkle some of their vitriol on the PNM because it appears never to be possible to call out the UNC for their outrages without finding a damper by including the PNM. So here they jump to scolding Stuart Young for bypassing Foreign Minister Moses and dealing with the officials (including the Prime Minister) in Barbados.

COP apologies, admits officers acted in error by shutting down pre-packaged doubles

Deyalsingh: No law in place for use of face masks in public
As it stands, the wearing of face masks in public, just as the stay at home measures in place until May 15, are recommended by Government on the advice of public health officials as a means of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Virtual classrooms challenge teachers
The closure of schools has forced teachers across the country to re-evaluate their approach to education. Both teachers and students now have to adapt to a new learning environment.

Crime will persist without counselling for vulnerable boys
Speaking to Guardian Media in observation of the International Day of the Boy Child, Teelucksingh said the biggest challenge facing boys are a lack of proper role models within the home, schools and community.

Caura River untouched
WITH so many people forced into their homes by stay-at-home measures enacted to slow the spread of covid19, nature – the land, sea, rivers, flora and fauna – has had a chance to "recuperate" over the last few weeks in TT.

2 women knocked down by truck as driver suffers 'seizure'
An apparent seizure suffered by the driver of a pickup truck on Penitence Street, San Fernando, resulted in a crash and injuries to two women who were on the pavement at the time.

Family of woman killed after covid19 lime: Learn from her death
Mandley said Cazoe and the others were originally liming in Maracas Bay, but then someone offered to take them on a boat ride. After the ride, the owner of the boat dropped them off in Las Cuevas, where the fish vendor offered them a ride back to Port of Spain. Mandley said he forgives the driver and does not hold any ill-will towards him.

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