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US has no justifiable reasons to impose sanctions
Posted: Sunday, May 3, 2020

IR experts: US has no justifiable reasons to impose sanctions
University of the West Indies professor of international relations, Dr Anthony Bryan and retired lecturer Anthony Gonzales both said that the US had no reason to sanction T&T for selling oil to Aruba, even if it did end up in Venezuela.

PM accuses Opposition of stoking US sanctions
He said it was the UNC's position that for them to succeed, this country must fail. He said it was one thing to undermine TT's foreign policy, but to invite others to do so was "dastardly and disgusting."

Struggling mom:
Long also found out through a search from the HDC that the landlord did not own the property that she was renting. Reporting the matter to the police resulted in Long being served an eviction notice by the landlord. "I was given 12 days to move out," Long recalled.

Millions for food support; 20 cheques prepared for religious bodies
Grants totaling $10 million per month for three months, May, June and July will be given to the religious bodies in proportion to the size of their congregations for them to distribute food to the poor and needy. This will cost taxpayers $30 million.

Fraudsters tap into covid19 grants
A release from the ministry stated that those caught declaring false information, both the employer and the employee, would face the "full penalty of the law" once charged. She said there were people who already had permanent food cards, which received a top up from the ministry, but still applied for a temporary card. She said the initial penalty was to extract the amount they used on the temporary food card from their existing card, and if possible, to take the temporary card from them.

Is food support reaching those in need? Minister responds

PM's committee to recommend Clico assets for recovery
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and his Cabinet will be told to move quickly and sell the Clico assets to raise much needed cash and also to float a major bond that could mobilise billions of dollars. These are two major recommendations that the Prime Minister is to receive from his 22-member committee appointed to prepare a way forward to revive the economy, post the COVID-19 lockdown.

Alec Chapman's death mourned by Olympic Movement

69 more samples send total to 1,907 sent to CARPHA

Civil court relocation to POS waterfront delayed
It was expected that the move would have taken place in May, but the coronavirus pandemic locked the country down.

Surviving the covid19 rampage in New York
The first confirmed case of covid19 in New York State was reported on March 1: a 39-year-old health care worker who lived in New York City. Okay, my co-workers and I thought, it's just one, and she immediately went into self-isolation, so we're good...

Western Europe relaxes virus measures, but Russia numbers spike
Spaniards filled the streets Saturday to exercise outside in gorgeous spring weather for the first time in seven weeks, while German children rushed to playgrounds as countries in Western Europe moved ahead with the gradual relaxation of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

60,000 students suffering
While Education Ministry, TTUTA wrangle over online teaching

MATT: Covid19 a decisive moment for journalism

TTPBA: Media's duty to inform will not change

Covid19 brings turtle watching to a crawl
"The sea turtle eco-tourism activities facilitate the successful operation of Nature Seekers and accounts for most of our revenue as it relates to turtle conservation," said Kyle Mitchell, chairman of Nature Seekers.

Senior cop chases away downtown limers
Moore and a contingent of police from Port of Spain Division hit the streets on Friday afternoon, reminding shoppers to observe social distancing.

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