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US oil prices plummet to below zero dollars
Posted: Tuesday, April 21, 2020

US oil prices plummet to below zero dollars
Economists and industry experts have warned a prolonged period of low prices could lead to a catastrophic decline for the economy and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has publicly asked if the country can sustain its subsidies and transfers in the midst of the depressed prices.

PM: Situation beyond a nightmare
"In view of the lessons learnt from COVID-19, the deficiencies and structural rigidities in the economy must be examined as the basis for remodelling and creating a new economy," he said.

Scrap Iron for sale - Heritage sells assets to stay afloat
The company admitted that this is an unprecedented time for Trinidad and Tobago, the world and the global oil industry and Heritage Petroleum Company Limited has not been insulated from all that is occurring.

715 people came into contact with covid19 patients
This was revealed by epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds at the daily covid19 briefing at the Ministry of Health in Port of Spain on Monday morning.

COVID-19 testing to jump as PAHO donates 10,000 kits
PAHO's contribution will strengthen the existing stock for Trinidad and Tobago so that the Caribbean Public Health Agency will be able to focus its resources on other member states.

Trinis stranded by COVID in Barbados return today
Contacted yesterday, Phillip Ramdial, one of the nationals, said: "We are expected to be on 10 am and 1 pm flight via Caribbean Airlines. "The reason for the two flights, it will be a measure to ensure social distancing on the plane to T&T.

Kamla asks again: What next?
Urging that businesses closed by covid19 restrictions must be reopened "sooner rather than later", she said, "We must think for ourselves and stop waiting to copy what other countries do while our citizens suffer."

Four more covid19 patients sent home, no new cases

Three killed in shootout with SORT
"He used to give people a little trouble but he didn't deserve this. He and his mother didn't used to go down too well so I decided that as my son's friend, I wouldn't allow him to go astray on the road and he has been living with me on and off for the longest while.

'Stay away from hardware stores, or else'
"We monitor the situation on an hourly and daily basis where some people are ignoring the measures. Many people (are) going to buy paint and bring workmen in to paint over their homes. That is a clear danger to families living there, by inviting workmen to come in to do non-essential repairs."

Deyalsingh: People were going to hardwares to buy BBQ pits, paint
In a statement on Sunday, the Ministry of Health announced the decision to further limit the opening times for hardware stores, including electrical and plumbing establishments.

Social media Gremlins blamed for COVID confusion
He made the comment yesterday as he addressed a social media post featuring the ministry's letterhead which suggested that pharmacies and supermarkets would only be allowed open on specific days and times.

Hard winds leave homes roofless in Penal

Duke warns WASA over suspected covid19 death
"The Chief Medical Officer on this very forum on numerous occasions has said, without speaking to the particular case in Tobago, that if you have a confirmed case of death due to covid19 that no autopsy is performed. I'm just giving you that fact. I would urge everyone to ignore social media, we would be guided by updates from the Ministry of Health."

Caribbean sizzles in 2nd hottest March on record, says NOAA

75 year-old pensioner in court for raping child at his home
Reports say the accused and the minor were found to be engaged in a sexual act at the accused's home on Saturday.

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