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Cops move in on 27 gathered at Sea Lots
Posted: Monday, April 20, 2020

Cops move in on 27 gathered at Sea Lots waterfront
A statement by the Police Service yesterday said that video footage showing dozens of mostly young persons went viral earlier in the day, with the recorders of the video using obscene language and boasting that they did not care about COVID-19.

Bishop demands tithes from COVID relief grants
The series of posts on the bishop's page appeared to have stemmed from a post on Saturday which read: "Remember to pay your Tithes from your Grants and Hampers. 10 per cent belongs to the Lord's Church." Following the initial post, Narine made several other posts condemning those who disagreed with him. "Those who object to believers giving tithes & offerings now are demonic! Our faith is not on lockdown!" he said.

No time for break in transmission

22 samples sent for covid19 testing on Sunday

US Navy commander: Trinidad and Tobago to help stop Venezuelan cartels
Asked what evidence that led to the decision to deploy military forces to the region, Faller said he could not disclose top-secret information, but was convinced there was sufficient grounds to authorise such a response.

Trini crew stuck on Norwegian Cruise
He hopes TT authorities act on it and encourage other Caricom countries to also open their borders. "They have a lot of St Lucians on board, a lot of Vincentians, Bajans on board. What they probably can do is put all the Caribbean people on one or two cruise ships, sail down the islands and dispatch them accordingly. That might be more feasible for the company than keeping them for any length of time, like the next two or three months, on board.

Sister appeals for help for Trinis stranded in B'dos
The woman whose sister is among the 33 stranded in Barbados said the group comprises "elderly folks who left the island since February 25th going on a voyage not knowing what they were going to encounter on this particular journey. Its something that they have done many times, but this one just turned out differently," she said.

MSJ: Road Map team shows govt's bias
"There is nobody who can speak to the real-life problems of and solutions for the small man and woman who have micro, small and medium-sized businesses. There is nobody who can truly identify with the struggles of the tens of thousands of our people who on an almost daily basis have to find some change to put food on the table; or who live in communities that are discriminated against. The poor and the dispossessed have no voice, nor is there anyone on the team who actively works to empower the poor and dispossessed."

Melville-Jack: Hampers, masks for Tobago needy
Melville-Jack, speaking during a virtual press conference on Friday, said the division is mindful of its mission building strong families, sustainable communities and a healthy, productive workforce.

HDC subletter evicts Debe family over unpaid rent
The home is part of an Housing Development Corporation (HDC) development and is owned by someone else who is in-turn renting it to this family. HDC policy forbids the subletting of homes distributed in the majority of its housing programmes.

Girl, 10, killed crossing Bus Route in Macoya
On the accident, Nero said, "I understand this plain-clothes officer who bounce my child had no purpose being on the bus-route. Just yesterday she went to the shop. I can't believe this happen to my child. She is lying here in the bodybag and I can't believe it is my child I am looking at."

Culture Minister: Carnival 2021 will not be the same as 2020
MINISTER of Community Development, Culture and the Arts Dr Nyan Gadbsy-Dolly is sure that Carnival 2021 is not going to be the same as the Carnival held at the end of February this year.

Court orders woman out of elderly mother's home... again
Orosco's mother, Jocelyn, told the court that she wanted her daughter out because she constantly cursed, abused and harassed her in her own home. In response, Orosco said the allegations were misleading and untrue adding they shared a "great relationship."

Heavy downpour brings floods to Penal
Penal/Debe Regional Corporation chairman Dr Allen Sammy said that at dusk yesterday, most of the water receded as the disaster management team assessed the damage.

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