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Worst economic downturn since Great Depression
Posted: Saturday, April 11, 2020

IMF head sees worst economic downturn since Great Depression
Just three months ago, the IMF was forecasting that 160 nations would enjoy positive income growth on a per capita basis. Now the expectation is that over 170 nations will have negative per capita income growth this year.

A covid19 mistake
An 82-year-old man visited Arima Hospital to try to alleviate the pain caused by his catheter, but ended up held at Caura Hospital as a suspected case of covid19. Newsday learnt of his plight on Good Friday from his in-law. The man, who suffers prostate problems and is bedridden, was in severe pain on Saturday night.

3 COVID patients go home

Angry calypso cop Duane O'Connor asks, 'Why should I clap?'
"Clap, Clap, clap for what," he asked. "I want to clap when the government and National Security Ministry, the CPO and all relevant authorities decided to end all salary negotiations with all essential workers and stop playing them for fools."

Swab shortage in Barbados

Spot testing for covid19 next Tuesday
"From Tuesday we'll be selecting one health centre in every county where we'll be randomly sampling people who have viral illness symptoms, not necessarily covid, but once you have a viral illness symptom like stuffy nose, a cough, a fever, we'll start that enhanced protocol of sampling."

Scarborough General institutes no visitors policy

Survey shows, businesses want tax deferrals, wage support
This was the findings of an American Chamber of Commerce of TT (AmCham) survey which painted a picture of how some 102 companies and their thousands of staff members have responded to the pandemic.

Patient plans legal action despite release
Thirty-one-year-old Sasha Supersad, who was discharged from the Caura facility on Thursday night says she still does not know what happened with her two swabs. She received three different messages from doctors after she was taken from the Mt Hope Hospital to the Caura facility before being released on Thursday night.

Another Trini dies from COVID-19 in NYC
After waking up yesterday morning to the tragic news of the passing of his uncle Winford Atherley in New York to COVID-19, a local government representative is appealing to Trinidadians to take this disease seriously.

No link between 5G and COVID-19

CoP slams Volney's irresponsible COVID party comment
Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has criticised former UNC minister and former High Court judge Herbert Volney for comments he posted on Facebook last night saying the commissioner could not "lawfully stop anyone from having a party at their home".

MPs busy with food card distribution
To encourage social distancing, Ramadhar said the office phone numbers are posted so that constituents can call in and get help while minimising direct interaction with the office staff.

Tobago business apologizes for uproar over leaked pre-action protocol letter
Almandoz told Guardian Media that although the document was " a perfectly correct legal letter, it sent the wrong tone and should never have gone public".

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