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Rowley opposes US warships in region
Posted: Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Rowley opposes US warships in region
THE Prime Minister has rejected any idea of US military intervention in Venezuela in light of US President Donald Trump's vow to send a fleet of warships to the region to curb alleged illicit drug shipments by the Venezuelan Government.

Ex-UWI Prof tells Caribbean leaders: Don't support Trump to remove Maduro
"Today it might be Maduro, tomorrow any Caribbean or Latin American lease could be next," Knight warned.

Local spread a real concern now
Healthcare workers who have been treating persons with COVID-19 have also tested positive for the virus, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram confirmed yesterday. But one of the CMO's biggest concerns now is preventing local spread.

Health care workers, cop test positive for COVID

Deyalsingh: TT has excess ventilators
"For every 100 people who get covid, regardless of age about five per cent will need ventilator support. So, if we have 52 ventilators dedicated only to covid, at Couva and Arima, it means we could accommodate based on the current statistics a positive number of covid patients in TT of 1,040. We currently have 105." Deyalsingh said TT's current ventilator capacity is more than enough."

Some pharmacies price gouging in midst of COVID crisis

School reopening postponed, along with SEA

Not all masks are equal
The countries that have seen the benefits of mask usage are also countries with a history of mask usage

Restaurants closed, stay home COVID plan extended
Rowley: Cook your own food

KFC chaos in Debe, cops called out

Threat made to Sauce Doubles over restaurant closures
"I didn't want everything to shut down, I just wanted everybody to understand I am essential as well, and I should get the opportunity to open up my business. That was the intention." In a Facebook post, she also said, "Thank you Mr Prime Minister. Well done. What goes for one goes for all. My point I was trying to make."

A blessing in disguise, says dietician

We can't defer tax payments-Imbert
"Well, the problem with that is that that is cutting off your nose to spite your face because we have to give people help, so where is the money supposed to come from?" Imbert said.

Trinis stranded in B'dos end quarantine today
In a question and answer session at a covid19 update last Thursday, Minister of National Security, Stuart Young said testing kits would be sent to Barbados to ensure that the Trinis did not have the disease after the 14-day quarantine. Providing that the test come back negative, more arrangements will be made. He reiterated that the more people who are allowed into the borders the greater the risk for the people within TT's borders and the 35 TT citizens may be subject to another 14-day quarantine issued by the TT government.

Imbert: No Grants for SMEs yet
"The people who are in the pay-as-you-earn or NIS system have records. It's fairly simple when dealing with that group determine, yes, they were employed and made their NIS contributions. A self-employed person, what evidence do they have? Some of them don't pay any taxes at all. Some of them are not registered in the system at all. Outside of the system, it's going to be a little more difficult to establish accountability. I know there's a belief that the grant should just be distributed without any documentation or checking but that doesn't make any sense.. the government does not have an inexhaustible supply of money," Imbert said.

Loans for credit union members facing financial hardship
Credit union members facing financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic will soon be able to access low-interest, short-term loans via a $100 million liquidity support fund which the government has earmarked for the credit union movement. The money is part of a broader economic stimulus package to mitigate the impact of covid19 on vulnerable groups.

Extended shutdown worries workers

Businesses fight to keep staff on board

Grande residents still angry over step-down facility
Despite an appeal by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for understanding and tolerance towards persons recovering from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), residents of Brooklyn Settlement, Sangre Grande, remained adamant yesterday that they do not want them in their community.

CMO: Parents can stay with children with covid19
He said under paediatric guidelines, children were allowed to have a parent with them. He said the parent would be equipped with personal protective equipment when in contact with the child.

Photos of the Day: April 6, 2020

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