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Covid19 cases jump to 97
Posted: Friday, April 3, 2020

Covid19 cases jump to 97, 6 deaths
In the biggest jump in a single day so far, the country's covid19 cases moved from 90 on Thursday morning to 97 by Thursday evening.

Deyalsingh: TT at turning point
Deyalsingh hoped that the new GIS mapping system being launched on Thursday "will bring a level of sobriety to the discussion" about where possible covid19 cases could encourage people to stay home. He said that would bring relief to health workers and ensure there was no drain on essential medical supplies coming into TT.

Call for widespread Covid-19 testing
In this vein, and in light of its latest statistics, it is therefore simply unacceptable that the Health Ministry has only tested 688 samples for Covid-19 out of the 20,000 exposed persons (by their given statistics) in the past month."

Arima 'Conga line': Mayor says people not listening

TT's five deaths fit global elderly criteria

Khan to PM: Stop the jhanjhat, call an SoE
On Wednesday Rowley said the government will impose a state of emergency, but only if it would better TT's chances of containing covid19.

AG: 388 inmates may go free
Govt seeks to limit spread of Covid-19 in jails...

Ministry gearing to help inmates
Minister of Social Development Camille Robinson-Regis is pledging available resources of her ministry to assist prisoners who are to be released under government's project to cut overcrowding in the penal institutions in light of the covid19 pandemic.

Virus could be hiding in anyone
The case to stay home...

Trini trapped in Suriname battles to get home

Scarborough taxi drivers feel the pinch
On a visit to Scarborough on Tuesday, PH and legitimate taxi drivers told Newsday they have been hard-hit by the measures adopted to prevent the spread of covid19 as fewer people are travelling.

Online service now available to all taxpayers
In a statement, the ministry said this service was made available to VAT and PAYE taxpayers only, from February. But taxpayers can file tax returns online relating to corporation tax, insurance tax, partnership, hotel accommodation tax, individual tax, petroleum profit tax and supplemental petroleum tax.

Court orders $84m payout to Junior Sammy
In the claim, JSL said it was successful in its tender for the project and a written contract was executed on February 4, 2015, and completed its work. Of the 13 interim payment certificates (IPCs) certified by the project's engineer, only six were paid. The contractor filed the lawsuit to recover the $82,804,219.19 certified in the seven remaining IPCs.

Nurse chopped by son takes legal action over privacy breach
Attorneys representing the woman, a nurse, from Waterloo Road, Carapichaima, have sent a pre- action protocol letter to the SWRHA alleging that the hospital and its staff breached her confidentiality, as she never consented to being photographed.

Belmont man shot dead, body found hours later

Bubbles among 2 killed in Morvant

Robbery at Rousillac supermarket
As one pointed his gun at customers, the other emptied the cash drawer and took a bottle of Hennessy. He put the items in a bag, and both walked out. Police said the money is estimated at $2,500. No one was injured.

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