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Ministry confirms 4th death
Posted: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Ministry confirms 4th death, two more test positive

Public gatherings limited to five, citizens urged to comply with TTPS

T&T Spirit taken down, passenger trips shortened to once per day

Nurses jittery over covid19 cases

Tobago covid19 patient unfit to travel to Trinidad

Pundit, wife positive for COVID-19
Since his hospitalisation, many of his family, friends and devotees are now scared that they too may have contracted the virus. A relative who requested anonymity said yesterday that both the pundit and his wife are warded at the Couva Hospital and were said to be doing well.

MP on TT food security: too little, too late
Faced with questions on food security and local food production, she said, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat spoke of "the puerile view" that saving $50 million from the food import bill could be used towards developing health care. For ordinary citizens, she pointed out, $50 million would buy more than enough beds and medical equipment. Better yet, $50 million invested in the agricultural sector would certainly improve the industry.

Sinanan wants good sense in maxi-taxis in pandemic
Sinanan was asked his views on those drivers who increase their fares above the the official rate, or who charge a full fare, between stands, for short drops. He also weighed in on those who insist on carrying more than 50 per cent of the capacity of their vehicles a measure which was implemented to increase social distancing for public transport.

Pregnant women urged to take safety measures against COVID-19
She said although data is still being gathered, so far there have been no indications of any negative impacts on babies whose mothers tested positive for the virus, or that the virus is transmitted to the baby during pregnancy.

Young: Businesses need to act responsibly
Employees from several small and large chain businesses complained to Guardian Media yesterday that their employers were forcing staff members who aren't essential to operations to turn up for work, contravening Section 3 (1) (a) of the Ordinance.

NIB amends opening hours due to COVID-19
In a statement issued Tuesday, NIB said from March 31 to April 15, 2020, all of its locations, with the exception of the Arima Collection Centre, will be open to the public from 8 am to 1 pm.

Homeless man made to drink rum: 'I forgive the officers'
DENNIS MOSES not the government minister, but the socially displaced man who was made to drink puncheon rum and do push-ups to amuse police and soldiers says he forgives the lawmen."Yeah, I forgive them. I went through worse than this," he said on Tuesday.

Venezuelans arrested in Debe
While most Trinidadians heeded the COVID-19 restrictions, some Venezuelans ventured out of their homes and were arrested by police on Monday.

Attorney Israel Khan to PM: Slap SoE on Trinidad and Tobago
"You can dress up the laws as much as you want, but any legal mind worth their salt knows that you cannot temporarily suspend a citizen's constitutional rights without declaring a state of emergency," Khan wrote. "Any law to restrict persons gathering together deprives a citizen of their constitutional right to freedom of movement and assembly. Any law that requires businesses to close infringes a person's right to enjoyment of property as this right includes the right to carry out a legal enterprise.

Le Hunte to limit numbers at mother's funeral
The minister also said this would involve four people being physically present with the priest at the chapel and another four people going to the cemetery. He explained that his mother came from a family of eight, and working out the logistics may result in some of her brothers or sisters not being able to say their final goodbyes to her in person. For those who cannot be physically present, Le Hunte said the funeral will be streamed live.

Bodies of COVID-19 victims to be disposed of quickly
During a press conference yesterday, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram explained, "Our process is basically adopted from the World Health Organization. We did have consultations with the various religious groups as well to refine it a little bit and make sure we are culturally sensitive as well."

Prisons Service temporarily suspends visits amid COVID-19 concerns

Forest ranger warns against harming otters seem in Rio Claro river
The restrictions caused by the spread of COVID-19 appear to be allowing wildlife to venture into places that they don't normally frequent.

Agro store busy as dozens plant during Stay-at-Home period
While several neighbouring businesses were closed along the Southern Main Road in Marabella yesterday, by 2.15 pm over 70 customers had already visited Robin's Agro Solutions searching mostly for plants and seeds.

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