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First few cases of local spread
Posted: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

First few cases of local spread
After the importation phase and primary and secondary cases, Parasram said the next phase was low volume local spread.

COVID cases in ICU
Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram said three are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Couva Hospital in Trinidad

TT covid19 total now 85 cases

'Let us come home'
SEVERAL TT citizens who work outside the country are pleading with government to open the borders and repatriate them the same way other countries are repatriating theirs.

THE hunt is on for law enforcement officers who, on the first day of the two-week shutdown of Trinidad and Tobago's non-essential services, were caught on video terrorising citizens.

Cuban ICU nurses coming to T&T to fight COVID
He did not disclosed when the nurses are due to arrive here but indicated that upon their arrival they will be deployed in the intensive care unit under the direction of Dr Anthony Parkinson, who was brought on-board to manage the whole intensive care unit response across Trinidad and Tobago.

CoP: TT behaved
COMMISSIONER of Police Gary Griffith says most people stayed indoors on Monday.

PoS stays at home

San Fernando- A ghost town

Single fathers seek compromise during pandemic
Feeles said, "I encourage custodial parents, if you knew honestly that the non-custodial parent (poses) a lesser risk (to the child), although we cannot really determine the risk sometimes, I think now is the time for parents to really co-parent."

Migrant Misery: What will happen to thousands of Venezuelans?

CoP: They will no longer wear TTPS uniforms
POLICE COMMISSIONER Gary Griffith has joined in condemning the actions of police and regiment officers who recorded themselves abusing two homeless men. In a series of videos, the officers laugh as they give two men each a small bottle of rum.

Barry left the day the borders closed

Essential service, but the Courts will not reopen on Tuesday
The Judiciary continues to offer services from its electronic platforms, as we strive to protect the welfare of staff and stakeholders alike by limiting the physical interface between stakeholder and judiciary officials at the nation's court houses.

Last day to change $100 bills

Confusion now hath made his masterpiece (Pt 1)
Elections in Guyana have generally lacked transparency and fairness I recall being asked in two foreign capitals to cast a vote for the then incumbent People's National Congress and what is happening today merely confirms the norm.

8 stab wounds: 'Unprovoked" attack on prison officer
Pulchan said the inmates were in possession of "improvised weapons", and the officer was stabbed several times by one of the inmates. He was stabbed eight times about the body, inuding his head, face and arms. Pulchan said an alarm was immediately raised, officers responded and due force became necessary to bring the situation under control.

Homegrown ganja blooms for farmers
Three months after the passage of legislation which decriminalised the use of marijuana and allowed people to plant their own crops, the homegrown herbs are beginning to bloom.

How animals make us happy
"Just from a physiological standpoint, they (animals) actually help reduce cortisone levels, which is the stress hormone and it helps elevate our happiness hormones which is oxytocin. Just interacting with an animal or a pet just does that naturally. Even without thinking 'Okay, I'm doing this to feel less stressed' it already happens naturally."

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