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We'll not cancel Carnival
Posted: Sunday, January 26, 2020

Airport on high alert for deadly coronavirus
Up to yesterday, 95 flights had been scanned and a total of 7,526 passengers screened.

Deyalsingh: We'll not cancel Carnival over coronavirus

Udecott chairman: 3,000 people worked on Red House
UDECOTT chairman Noel Garcia said the Red House came in under budget and can stand alongside parliament buildings around the globe.

Rise of the magnificent Red House
The site of the Red House has always been a place of confrontation, the heart of the country, the seat of power.

$20m in rent from State
That's 8.5 per cent of Government's annual rental bill of $235,829,007.68. The State rents four properties from companies where Al-Rawi's wife, Mona Nahous Al-Rawi, is a director:...

Manufacturers: Brace for job cuts if NGC hikes gas price
The Sunday Guardian has learnt that at present manufacturers pay between US $2 to US $2.50 per million British Thermal Unit (mmbtu) and the NGC wants this price to escalate over time to US $4 per mmbtu.

Audit: TUCO mismanaging taxpayers $$

PNM opens nominations for general election

Late start, drizzle fails to dampen Kalypso Revue

Texas student of Trini descent barred from wearing dreadlocks
A Texas student, whose family is from Trinidad and Tobago, would not be allowed to return to school or attend his graduation ceremony unless he cuts his dreadlocks, his family said.

Only $600? - Gary comments of fake kidnap victim's sentence

President: Our citizens are being murdered at alarming rate

Cops suspect murdered teacher was followed home from the bank
"While he was taking his bags out of the car, somebody approached him from the back. Maybe he turned around because the gunshot wound was on his chest. They grabbed his bag. Apparently, when he got shot, he made it to the middle of the yard," Ogeer said.

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