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Scrap iron dealers living in fear
Posted: Saturday, January 18, 2020

Scrap iron dealers living in fear
No licences from ministry

NGOs call for action on sustainable development council
Civil society organisations are calling on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to set timelines for establishing a National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD) after the deadline expired three months ago.

Exchange $100 bills by month end…or else
The release said people wishing to exchange up to $1,000 would be put through an expedited process which would allow them to change the bills on the same day. They would have to sigh a form and present it at Central Bank along with a valid ID card. But such exchanges will be accommodated until January 31– the end of this month.

Lawyer tells AG: Fight for Sedition Act yourself

Maha Sabha: Produce Sat Maharaj tape
"So we challenge anybody at this time to produce that tape and let us have it. And when we have it we will take advice as the case may be and if apologies are forthcoming then maybe we will consider it."

Paula pushes pan grant
Gopee-Scoon said the facility is funded to the tune of $5 million. "The grant is up to $250,000 per beneficiary. You can have multiple applicants (for one project), but their total must be no more than $1 million. "The grant is also for training. You might have a pan training course."

The two-year ban imposed on Michelle-Lee Ahye for "whereabouts failures" has been described as excessive by the Trinidad and Tobago track star’s American attorney, Howard L. Jacobs.

HRM: Govt breaking law on highway work

Six-month extension for Venezuelans with registration cards

Mom: I hope he pulls through
2 sons dead, another in ICU

Longdenville man shot and killed by police
Over 16 days, there have been seven fatal confrontations with police officers.

Sharma: Kidnappers will say anything
The report spoke of one of the suspects had put a different twist on the kidnapping allegedly telling police that Dr Sharma was in fact the driver of the vehicle and the kidnap "suspects" were actually friends with the doctor.

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