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Raking it in from Govt rent
Posted: Sunday, January 12, 2020

Raking it in from Govt rent
THE Government is spending $36,865,320.88 million a month on rent. That's $442,383,320.88 million a year on the rental of buildings for offices and storage space.

Thousands on the breadline
According to the latest available data from the Central Statistical Office (CSO) contained in the Central Bank of T&T's Monetary Policy Report of May 2019, the unemployment rate increased to 4.8 per cent in 2017—the highest rate of unemployment since 2012—from 4.0 per cent in 2016.

Patriotic still in 'dealing' to buy Petrotrin

Central Bank returns to Tobago for $100 exchange

Hindu Credit Union assets up for sale again
This, he claimed, was just for the liquidator Dave Rampersad to get an idea of how much the public would be willing to pay for the properties. He said it was not as though the properties would be sold.

Domestic violence survivor, now pastor speaks out
She said over the years, battered women and their allies have formed multiple organisations to help themselves and it is time for men to do the same.

'Blame it on the music'
Fuad Khan: Sing something different, stop degrading our women...

Activists welcome new gender-based police unit

Kirk Waithe launches new political party, NOW
Despite the successive failures of a third party to break the historic two-party battle on election day, Waithe feels the electorate has either matured enough or is frustrated enough to leave the UNC and the PNM behind.

Four-way battle for leadership
Final week of campaigning in PNM Tobago polls

Small bands in action at pan semis
"What we did for the changes this year is that we have separated the categories, we presented the single pan prizes and the event was held in November. Now we're having the small band semis, then we move on to the medium bands where we have the Savannah Party with the medium and large bands on February 9, but we hold the medium band finals in Tobago on February 16."

South calypso tent, Kaiso Showkase, to open despite money woes

Producer Kenny Phillips sings calypso in south tent

'Badman salute' as gunmen laid to rest
Two of the three men shot dead by police on December 31 after they opened fire in the capital city killing one woman and wounding nine others were laid to rest Saturday.

6 die over Bon Air centre
Bloodshed overshadows new community facility

Priest warns against revenge at funeral for Pinto murder victims

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