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Cops may seek second order
Posted: Sunday, January 5, 2020

Cops may seek second order to seize pastor's $28m
The deadline to seize or return the cash is Saturday night.

$28m pastor declares: Satan making me famous
"You know when they see bags and bags and bags because it there, I come down all these years, from the time they get that system to the present time and only open up that in the last couple months and the last couple days to discover..."

TT medical experts: Influenza vaccine saves lives
To those who say they got sick after getting the vaccine, he said, "The influenza vaccine does not protect you against the rhinoviruses or the other viruses that cause the common cold... It prevents you from landing up in the hospital in an ICU."

Deyalsingh slams Gopeesingh for 'reckless' comments on influenza vaccine

Trinidad Saudi Chamber warns Soleimani's death can affect TT
In the wake of Soleimani's death, the Financial Times reported that oil prices spiked as US and Iranian relations have soured.

Nazma: Weed law nothing to celebrate yet
The activist also criticised that under the current law, people are free to smoke, but not free to buy. She says more clarity is needed before the public can celebrate.

TTUTA wants ministry to relocate South East PoS school
Last November, a stray bullet from a shooting at upper Nelson Street entered a classroom, prompting this security feature from the ministry.

PNM Tobago leader launches campaign for re-election
Charles, won the leadership of the Tobago Council in a run-off in the last internal election in 2016, is seeking to secure a second term on a campaign of delivery, value for money and sound governance.

Deyalsingh wants TV6 to apologise to Mt Hope Hospital

Vendor shot, wife beaten in Princes Town attack
Dario Samaroo, 31 and Kimberly Sooknanan, 30, arrived at their Borde Narve Village, Princes Town home around 7.15 p.m. when a gunman in a coverall approached. He had a t-shirt covering most of his face.

Teen drowns trying to save girls

Choked, bitten, raped: Venezuelan man suspected
POLICE are searching for a Venezuelan man wanted for raping his ex-girlfriend at knife point on Thursday.

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