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Gov't owes Unipet $134 million
Posted: Sunday, December 8, 2019

Gov't owes Unipet $134 million in VAT, subsidies
Rowley said then that the Opposition was busy trying to portray Unipet as the victim instead of insisting that the private company pay off its debt to the State.

AG: Opposition praises Govt for 'guts' to close Petrotrin
He said that the Opposition on the outside put up a "charade of scorn" about the Petrotrin closure.

Senator: Central Bank independence at risk
He requested evidence, statistics on the levels of money laundering, counterfeiting and other underground activities, as to why Government wanted to make this switch so quickly and during such a busy economic time, Christmas.

Opposition votes with Govt on new $100 bill
Young accused Singh of trying to create a sense of frenzy and panic, over the change. He justified, "The real reason behind this (bill) is a national security reason."

Muslims concerned about $100 change

Ganga: No proof of need for new $100 bill

Sando taxi drivers want more time to give up old $100 bills
"...While the measure is one way to look out for those who are involved in illegal activities and are "hoarding cash by the crate", Ramkissoon said there are honest business people who will need six months or a year to hand in old bills in exchange for the new notes.

Imbert boosts solar power with tax credit

'Killer is a monster'
She confirmed that Clevon, who she was separated from, was deported from Grenada last month after being charged with money laundering when he was arrested with US$20,000.

Venezuelans, you can collect your registration cards

Arouca man found dead in car
A 48-year-old Arouca man is believed to have been beaten to death inside a car on Friday afternoon.

Shelters in $ crisis
The Coalition against Domestic Violence says this country is providing a mere 25 shelters for victims and their families when, according to global estimates, the local requirement is at least 130 such family spaces.

Looters steal alcohol after truck driver runs off road, dies
Johnald Smith was entering Port of Spain, via Lady Young Road, and on reaching Hilton hotel he veered off the road and down a precipice. Smith attempted to jump out of the truck but fell under it and it dragged him down the precipice.

Mom of murdered teen calls for state-run daycare centres
Chimene said it pains her to see that working parents, especially single mothers, don't get proper support to ensure their children have a safe and secured environment to stay in while their parents are at work. She noted there are homework centres but no day­care centres.

Diabetes and Eye Health

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