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PM predicts clean sweep
Posted: Sunday, December 1, 2019

PM predicts clean sweep in local govt election

Kamla: Local govt election critical for TT
She gave a roll call of issues to show why, listing among them the status of squatters on state lands which she said her party will regularise.

Kamla lays out big plans for T&T
A proposal to bring back a more efficient Petrotrin is chief among the plans Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar laid out at Saturday night's United National Congress (UNC) rally.

MSJ fields 28 candidates but Abdulah not voting
...because the MSJ does not have a candidate for any district under the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation, including the area where he lives.

MSJ promises 'surprise' in Sando corporation

Council hits divisiveness, hatred, resentment in campaign

Cop, hairdresser shot dead
Gun attack on Charlotte Street
'This country is at war' - Gary takes on critics

Is Govt going to let TT children die in Syria?
He was responding to reports from news site Middle East Eye that almost 100 TT citizens, including 71 children, are being held at the dangerously overcrowded al-Hol camp in Syria where 70,000 people were mostly living in makeshift tents.

Trinidad's link to TV inventor
In 1923, Baird built what was to become the world's first working television set using items including an old hatbox and a pair of scissors, some darning needles, a few bicycle light lenses, a used tea chest, and sealing wax and glue.

Parranda with African mix
"La tambora gaita is an Afro-Venezuelan tradition of the peoples of the south coast of Lake Maracaibo (western Venezuela)..." He said the instrument is used with the furro or furruco, also originally from Africa and called zambomba.

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