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Kamla: AG must explain source of funds
Posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Kamla: AG must explain source of funds
Opposition Leader questions Al-Rawi's property deals in capital city...

Kamla queries AG's six-storey property acquisition
How come it's not mortgaged?

AG hits Ramdeen for 'racism'
"From indentureship and slavery get an education to become lawyers and doctors, but it have people in this country who in one generation turned from selling cloth to being multi...They almost own the entire country. And you want to tell us about explaining your wealth?"

'Explain those gold chains'
Keep your receipts. This is the message Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi has for the “zessers” (gangster boys) with their long gold chains and big Barettas.

AG: Suspect gets back property within 14 days, or asap
PROPERTY seized by the State as possible criminal assets, but which is later shown not to be such, must be returned to its owner within 14 days-plus, the Senate agreed in committee yesterday. Under debate was the Civil Asset Recovery and Management and Unexplained Wealth Bill 2019.

PM blasts Sat over attack on Tobagonians
He's unfit to lead Hindus

Sat's nasty attack on Tobagonians slammed
“Nothing going correct in Tobago; they're lazy. Six out of ten of them working for the Tobago House of Assembly, getting money from Port-of-Spain. They don't want to work, and when they get a job, they go half past nine and 10 o'clock they go for breakfast," Maharaj said during the programme. He also suggested that other able-bodied Tobagonians who were lazy preferred to only run crab and goat races and target white women on beaches whom they robbed and raped.

Minister: Coast Guard did their job properly, still searching

Bandits beat, rob family in 4-hour ordeal
Cops dismiss 'distress' call

Bandits tie up family, leave them to burn
A Chaguanas teacher and her parents were tied up, robbed and left to burn in a house set on fire by the criminals on Sunday. The 28 year old woman, and her parents managed to untie themselves and escaped the blaze.

16-year-old arrested for $300,000 robbery

Four V'zuelans denied bail for assulting police

Le Hunte: Less than 30 % get water 24/7
'Water for all' a myth

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