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Posted: Monday, February 18, 2019

Chatelal, Mayhroo retain Chutney Soca crown

Neval and Nishard do it twice
Defending champs retain CSM title

9 hours of sweet pan
Panorama small bands semis

Over $2m for unsponsored bands

Patrons complain about North Park
Pan semis put new location to the test

Burke: Daughters traumatised by police raid

Unused prisons to house detained illegals

'They are only killing themselves'
Inmate condemns gang violence

Moonilal: Gov't negligent in dealing with gangs
Ironically, under Moonilal's tenure as Housing Minister in 2013, contracts were given to known gang leaders, some of whom were arrested by police last week.

Cro Cro out of Calypso Monarch race

Lord Nelson honoured at Tobago concert
Following his high energy performance on the second night of Tobago Loves Soca at Canoe Bay, the 87-year-old bard was presented with a plaque by Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary Kevin Charles.

SORT hits La Romaine hard, 20 arrested

T&T's most wanted man in custody
Police say that over the past five days, there was not a homicide, shooting or wounding attributed to gang related activity, while in the five days prior to the raising of the police alert state to 'Red', there were 22 such incidents.

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