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Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Trini 6 kidnapped in Venezuela call home

Spanish abductors want US$.2m for fishermen
Cash soon or we start cutting limbs

Rowley holds final discussions on Venezuela at UN
Concern over volatility of situation

Experts confident Venezuela war will be averted

Govt seeks advice on Dragon Field gas plan

Dragon gas deal always 'politically risky'

Dialogue the only solution
"Where does legitimacy lie?" Dumas asked. He also said the western media had ignored the large support which Maduro still commands inside Venezuela. "All of us are in a position of ignorance."

Dumas: Maduro, Guaido meeting must be under UN, assisted by T&T

Messy problem closes Cedros port

WASA moves to update water legislation
"The law we are under… was enacted in 1965. At that time, the grand fine of $75 was applied. Our law has not changed since then. We are now making steps to have those fines increased significantly but that has to go through a process,"

Dillian gets biometric residence permit for UK
Dillian Johnson, who was granted humanitarian protection, is preparing to move to Scotland after he was granted his biometric residence permit in the United Kingdom on Monday.

COTT to DJs: Get licensed
STAFF of the Copyright Organisation (COTT) are telling DJs intent on playing music during Carnival 2019 and beyond to ensure they are properly licensed.

Entertainment Intercol is on

Garcia scolds schoolgirls smoking ganja in viral video
Garcia has as­sured that not only the girls will be punished but will also get the necessary help, advice and counselling from officials at the ministry's Student Support Services.
They'll pay the consequences

CG diver: Search failed to find head in creek
Koury murder trial

Murder toll climbs to 41
In the latest incident, at about 10.30 pm, police officers of the Northern Division Task Force responded to a shooting report at Mountain View Drive, Windy Hill, Arouca, where they found Solon James lying at the side of the road.

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