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UNC can stand alone
Posted: Monday, January 28, 2019

UNC can stand alone
Kamla tells supporters at national assembly:

The UNC with fight alone, says Kamla
The United National Congress (UNC) is strong and will be fighting the 2020 general election without a coalition

We asked govts to come for their citizens
Iraq Supreme Court confirms:

Nikoli eyes election with own party

Rowley is off to New York
Rowley is expected to return on Wednesday.

Venezuela rejects call for elections

Cuba: US wants 'vast resources'

JTUM sides with Maduro
The Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) has described the Opposition UNC's recognition of Venezuelan National Assembly president Juan Guaido as "dangerous" and 'backward" saying any US-led invasion of Venezuela would unleash a "deluge' of refugees to our shores.

Not enough help for Venezuelans
US-based humanitarian group to TT Govt:

Concern over 200,000 Trinis holding US visas

Work on highway bridge in Debe has restarted: What's the plan?
Back in 2014, Kublalsingh went on a nine- month hungry strike, which was his second attempt to stop the project from being completed to this area.

Build new PoS hospital block
Claims of overcrowding, risk of cross-contamination

La Brea MP under pressure

Busby was preferred TTPS legal head
Senior police, attorneys:

Man arrested with weed rally in San Fernando

'Cannabis proven to be safe'
Marijuana advocates hold second rally in Sando

Venezuelan jockeys in court for ganja
TWO professional jockeys from Venezuela have been granted $85,000 bail each by an Arima magistrate charged with having marijuana.

Chutney love songs take centre stage

SORT takes down fourth murder suspect
A fourth man has been held in connection with the murder of former Special Reserve Police Officer Cleavon Frederick, who was shot and killed in Aranguez last Wednesday while on duty at a liquor mart.

Why did he do it? Murder/suicide puzzle

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