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Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2019

Rowley heads to UN for Venezuela talks

PM off on diplomatic mission

Venezuela rejects call for elections

Abdulah: US must not bully TT
MSJ political leader David Abdulah has commended Government for not allowing itself to be bullied by the US government, even as former former foreign affairs minister Dr Suruj Rambachan yesterday described the Prime Minister's war of words with the US ambassador over Venezuela as "very concerning".

The Venezuela question
TT, US diplomacy on Maduro's leadership

'Crime sends Arima to sleep by 10 pm'
Business association heads says

He never prosecuted anyone
Lawyers, police have doubts about new TTPS legal director:

Sex to go —prostitutes delivered to your door

CoP to cut backlog on firearm applications
13,000 people who have been put on hold

UNC call to unity
Kamla to rally supporters for local, general elections

Garcia, TTUTA talk pensions

Arima All Stars tuner hammers out phonic pan
The phonic pan, as he named it, is the newest member of the pan family and while it does not have fluctuating octaves, it does have all 12 musical notes.

Unsponsored bands feel the pinch
Most of the 163 bands going up for Panorama are unsponsored, and just about 20 of them have corporate sponsorship

Time for pan to create wealth

Keeping stick-fighting alive in Moruga
"This is the only event that brings so many people to Moruga. We have people from Diego Martin here. One family from Miami is here as well. We get people from all parts of the region, Gran Chemin, Sixth Company, Fifth Company, Marac, La Lune, Princes Town, Penal, Barrackpore, San Fernando," Hamilton said.

After arguing with 'Redman', murder
GUN violence claimed the lives of two men on Saturday, bringing the year's murder toll to 35 compared to 53 last year.

Private farewell for Sheldon Sukhdeo

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