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Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

5 weeks after being kidnapped

Jury-less trials alone cannot clear backlog—CJ

PUBLIC consultation begins today on the decriminalisation of marijuana

MPs with 'outside' children
Independent Senator blows whistle

Service at San fernando General 'stinks'
DR ANAND Chatoorgoon says the service at the San Fernando General Hospital, where he served as medical director, “stinks." He said overcrowding in the emergency department is bad, and chastised all the heads of departments for being unable to get a handle on the situation.

Fuad hits 'heartless' medics
Pregnant woman turned away from health centre

Let Venezuelans work legally in TT
AmCham CEO says

Wade in 'SlaveMaster' row
He alleged that on the advice of former bpTT head Robert Riley, the foreign firm Mc Kinsey was hired to examine Petrotrin, but the intention was to do a hatchet job on the firm thatwas opposed by one true patriot.

Sando a shanty town

NCC: Regions must account for Carnival $

Harry still waiting on PNM
Ragoonanan claimed that under PNM rules, if a matter has not been determined within six months, "it becomes null and void."

Villagers move to stop beach erosion at Granville

Cedros residents on edge
Months after houses fall into sea

Belfon mocked us after taking our $
LGBTI groups hurt over homophobic dub plate

'No record of mom reporting children's abduction to Syria'

Coast Guard joins search for missing fisherman
Officers attached to the Cedros police station are working alongside the Coast Guard to find missing construction worker and fisherman Judah Ramnarine who was allegedly kidnapped by Venezuelan pirates over a week ago.

Sister cries for missing Shindlar

Man jailed for beating wife
Meetra Chaitram will spend the next four years in jail for beating his wife and breaching a protection order.

Woman claims kidnap, drugging, found at home

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