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Posted: Saturday, January 12, 2019

No money for Tasers, pepper spray

Griffith orders arms, ammunition audit

500 police vehicles grounded
A staggering 500 police vehicles have been taken out of service over the past three years and Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith blames an inefficient maintenance system for the ongoing problem.

PM defends one shot, one kill
"If you are looking at a firearm pointing in your direction, held by a person not telling you hello, that fraction of a second that you hesitate to respond to a person who acquires a firearm, points it at you, and even discharges it in your direction...that fraction of a second, you may aim for his hand which is not part of the training that may cost you your life," he said. His response was met with loud cheers, whistles and clapping from the audience.

Inspections declined during moratorium
his opinion was expressed by Vehicles Inspection Association president Phillip Greaves.

Flood assessments end this month

Young: Preliminary inquiries must go
"We have 3,991 inmates in TT, of which 1,080 are in remand facilities. When I walked in remand yard I allowed some inmates to interact with me and nine out of ten of them said they were just waiting for their day in court. "For all of those languishing in the system, this bill will single-handedly assist those in remand. It will free up the criminal justice system."

UNC MPs defend former govt's spending

Rowley: Over US$28m paid down on fast ferries

Rowley slams UNC scrutiny of ferry purchases
The Austal ferry costs US$73.5m and the Incat vessel US$72.9m.

Officials: Every drop of water counts
During this dry season, Trinidad is expected to receive 29 mm or 10 per cent less rainfall than in previous years, while Tobago is expected to experience 56 mm or 24 per cent less rainfall.

WASA, Nutrimix deny Devant's ‘free water' post
Both denied any $.5 million waiver by WASA as alleged by Maharaj, adding that the water development project lines are on state lands and not Nutrimix's private property. Mohammed is also chairman of Caribbean Airlines.

Get swine flu vaccination

CAISO lauds Tewarie's support for LGBTQI
Tewarie said God made all creatures and one could not deny the existence of people because of disagreement over their lifestyle. That was in repsonse to a religious leader who said family life, as ordained by God, was being undermined and damaged by the gay community.

Bandits go 'shopping' in POS, leave with bullet wounds
Police believe that after announcing the hold-up the gunman looked away because within seconds the proprietor withdrew his licensed pistol and began shooting.

Carenage man killed in gang war
Several residents in the area have expressed frustration over the shootings and have called for a heightened police presence.

Jamaican arrested for maxi robbery
A 21-year-old Jamaican man is in police custody after he and others allegedly robbed a maxi taxi driver in Laventille yesterday afternoon.

Is kidnapped Sheldon Sukhdeo alive?
THE LEADS into the kidnapping of Sheldon Sukhdeo have gone cold, but the investigation is still ongoing, police say.

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