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PM lifts TT out of hole
Posted: Monday, January 7, 2019

PM lifts TT out of hole
THE Prime Minister (PM) vowed to continue to work to lift the country out of debt that he likened to a hole that he blamed on the former government's spending including a dubious sum of $29 billion, in a pre-recorded address to the nation.

Rowley: We did more with less
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said his administration's plan for the country would cost tax­payers $12.5 billion - less than half of what his predecessors wasted

PM: Government not magic, but management

No ease-up from Rohan
DESPITE today's back-to-school rush of parents dropping off their children to school, motorists cannot expect any special favours regarding the requirement to get their vehicles inspected for road worthiness

When is a low rider too low?
Several motorists with raised suspensions as well as lowriders have been given inspection notifications even though they have stickers

Prakash: I'll wait and see
Speculation has been rife over which Opposition candidates will run in the scheduled 2020 General Elections, in light of a purported "dream team" list of candidates published last week

Mixed views on Kamla's election plans
Social media reactions

Cedros councillor upset
CEDROS councillor Shankar Teelucksingh has criticised Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan for not meeting with residents when he visited the area on Saturday.

Lee hits Camille over 'theatrics'
Call election now!

Garcia: All schools reopening today

School maxi drivers ‘tired of protesting'

Kamla pays tribute to Sir Fenton

PanTrinbago: Be prepared to give up something
PanTrinbago boss pleads to panmen

Revue hoping for substantial grant

2018 parang season ends on a high note

UDeCOTT: Chair rentals at Maracas unauthorised
...they do not have the required permits.

Fuad wants protection for witnesses to crimes
After robbery at wife's pharmacy - second attack

Who is Mother Clare?
Shindlar's mother pleads for daughter's return

No headway in search for Sheldon Sukhdeo
Three weeks after he was abducted by armed men, businessman Sheldon Sukhdeo is yet to be found by police

Gang rape suspects still in custody
The women of South Oropouche and Siparia were abducted, gang-raped and sodomised by four men in a white Tiida on December 30.

Couple escapes bandit's bullets
Quick thinking saved the lives of Marlon Sieuraj and Curtisha Laing after they were ambushed by robbers in front of their home on Saturday night.

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