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Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2018

Rowley laments 500 murders in TT

Problems at PoS port
Failing system causes illegal drugs to enter TT

Sea Lots gets longest walkover
5 years after deaths of woman, 2 daughters

Ball in PM's court
Lawyers make case for CJ's impeachment

Devant 'doxing'
According to an article on the Washington Post in 2015 by Caitlin Dewey, it says doxing is the strategic outing of an opponent's real name, home address, or other private information, published with the intention of inconveniencing, frightening or endangering them.

Break-in at pharmacy of Fuad's wife
They made off with $5,000, and other items, said police, who described the break-in as "piper thing".

Stuart making moves to adjust the menu
Macaroni pelau for soldiers...

Cuban refugee hero in a jam month after making the charitable gesture, Akaloo admits he bit off more than he could chew and he feels like the Cubans are taking advantage of his kindness.

No sex party in Venezuela
...hotel chain rejects claims by promoters as 'false'

Dr Regis made students champions
Nephew's tribute to beloved lecturer

Robbery victim turns bandit
...after the bandits left, the patron then robbed the proprietress, 21, of an additional $5,000 which was hidden under the counter.

Shooting outside Foreplay Hotel, San Fernando
Ketan Abraham was standing in the carpark near Foreplay Hotel and Lounge when a gunman opened fire at around 11pm. In November, Kadar Ali Mark, owner of Foreplay Hotel and Lounge, was shot dead on the compound of Anand Low Price Supermarket...

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