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Traditional African funeral for Mighty Composer
Posted: Tuesday, December 11, 2018

'It was an honour to know you'
FAYOLA Lane touched the face of her Baba (father) Awise Olu Sino Amono Ifayomi (Fred Mitchell, the calypsonian Composer) as he lay in his white and brown casket.

Traditional African funeral for Mighty Composer
Dressed in African garbs and referred to by his African name - Awise Olu Sino Amono Ifayomi - the late calypsonian was remembered as a man of wisdom who desperately wanted to uplift his Afro-Trinidadian brothers and sisters by getting them out of the social conditioning of slavery.

Devant acting on his own - Lee
While United National Congress Whip David Lee says activist Devant Maharaj is acting on his own in releasing Government ministers' cellphone numbers, Lee is not condemning Maharaj's action.

Devant: I've got PM's new number
Maharaj has also promised to release the new number to the public if he feels so compelled by any suffering and injustice to citizens brought on by the "incompetence" of the Government.

Garcia on Devant sharing his cell number:
Let the jackass bray - third minister's number Maharaj had posted on social media in three days.

Kamla to Rowley:
Focus on real issues, not Devant feud

Moses may have breached security before
...reports were made to AATT about two other incidents which occurred on September 12 and October 27 involving someone whom AATT officers identified as Moses.

Deyalsingh urges early neonatal care

LGBT community seeks legislative protection

Expect more crank calls
Psychiatrist tells CoP

Baby removed from dilapidated house
Three-week-old baby Imran Ali has been taken out of a dirty, dilapidated house at Philippine and is now warded at the San Fernando Teaching Hospital under the care of the Child Protection Unit.

Police rescue kidnap victim

Westmoorings drug accused return to court
Women get $6m bail each

No bail for two charged with kidnapping UWI employee

Woman who stole $$ from sick children granted bail
A former employee of the Children's Life Fund charged with 13 offences of larceny has been granted $100,000 bail.

Sex Island's secret party location is Trinidad

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