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Flood grants over $30m
Posted: Thursday, November 1, 2018

Govt gets flood $$
GOVERNMENT has received a payout of US$2,534,550 (approximately $17 million) from the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) to assist with relief efforts after last weekend's floods.

Flood grants over $30m, 30% handed out

Fresh floods in South, East Trinidad
Memories of the overwhelming Tropical Storm Bret were fresh in the minds of Penal residents as flood waters took over the roads and began entering their properties yesterday.

More rains scare Greenvale residents
Although there was eventually no flooding in the community, the water retention ponds that overflowed on October 19 were close to capacity from yesterday's rains and with more bad weather on the way many residents felt it was safer to leave while they still could.

Moonilal: Greenvale flooded because Govt failed to do works

Give flood victims property tax breakóMoonilal

Petrotrin bid to sue Baptiste-Primus blocked
...during a preliminary hearing on the case in the Port-of-Spain High Court yesterday afternoon, High Court Judge Carol Gobin refused the company leave to pursue the claim.

Angostura CEO under probe
Query over $3m con≠tacts to cop's companies

Customised pan manufacturing launched

Pan Trinbago avoids eviction
Even be≠fore the new Pan Trinbago executive officially assumed duties on Wednesday, they were issued their first trial settle their outstanding rent bill of over $250,000 or face eviction.

Almost blows at Pan Trinbago

No TT students deregistered
Referring to a report in the Jamaica Gleaner, Garcia said it was wrong to say that 800 students were deregistered at Mona, as most of those students had worked out a payment plan.

Talk show host 'pulled' for offensive CoP comment
The incident occurred on Monday during his "Break the Cycle" show Christopher, who was simultaneously broadcasting the con≠tent via Facebook live, had gone on what was described as an emotional rant over the police killings of five Laventille youths.

New recruits warned to obey the law
Minister of National Security Stuart Young told graduating police officers that the Police Service is under significant scrutiny after recent events, which includes the killing of five people, including two teenagers, in Laventille, as he urged them to carry out their duties faithfully.

$25,000 'Dingolay' throne for sale

ERP arrest 4, seize guns and ammo in Trincity break-in
Despite being a new addition to the police service, members of the Emergency Response Patrol arrested four men and seized two guns and ammunition after they interrupted a break-in at the Trincity Industrial Estate last night.

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