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Five men killed by cops
Posted: Friday, October 26, 2018

Five men killed by cops
An altercation between police officers and men who they've identified as bandits, is believed to have left five men dead.

NCIC wants $1m from Govt for Divali
IT WILL COST the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC) about $4 million to host the annual Divali Nagar celebrations.

Girls Rule...Scholarship winners announced

$20,000 kick start for hard hit flood victims

$15,000, $20,000 grants for victims

Relief for Greenvale, Oropune
HOUSING Development Corporation (HDC) residents in areas hard hit by the floods, such as Greenvale and Oropune, will not have to pay mortgage or rent until January 2019.

Standoff for mattresses in Greenvale
The residents who lived on the western end of Greenvale expressed frustration that they had generally been overlooked for mattresses, noting previous deliveries had been dropped off at homes closer to the community's main entrance further east.

Cops arrest 3 for Greenvale looting

Isasha shoots video for song in Greenvale
Greenvale, La Horquetta residents got a new theme song yesterday, as reggae artiste Isasha released his new song "We Got Love" and shot a video for it in the area yesterday evening.

bmobile launches Text-to-Donate for flood victims

WTHF gives aid to Greenvale victims
The frustrated residents, however, expressed gratefulness to representatives from the Winsie's Treasured Hearts Foundation (WTHF) led by its Founder, Dr Winsie-Ann Cuffie and other volunteers, in a flood relief initiative yesterday.

Heart transplant device shocks woman in flood

Energy chamber: Reform of industrial sector needed
CITING the Appeal Court's recent judgment in overturning a decision by the Industrial Court, the Energy Chamber has added its voice calling for reform of TT's industrial relations legislative framework.

Cocoa industry re-inventing itself
AFTER decades of stagnation, the cocoa industry is now beginning to re-invent itself and young farmers are breathing new life into the industry.

Windermere students in Shadow tribute

Tight security as Seetahal enquiry resumes

TT was headed for 600 murders

Jamaican burglar chopped by super-wife: 'A bandit chop me'
The burglary suspect was nabbed by police officers at the Chaguanas hospital where he went for emergency medical attention for a deep chop wound to the right forearm.

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