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Posted: Friday, October 5, 2018

Moves to crack down on contraband

Special police unit implanted at MSP

Stiffer penalties for attacks on law officers
Come January 2019, Minister of National Security Stuart Young plans to take new legislation before Parliament seeking an increase in the maximum sentences, fines and penalties for committing criminal acts against law enforcement officers.

Slain prison officer got death threats

Oil-sand mining coming?
THE Government's plans to extract oil from tar sands at La Brea has raised the ire of local environmentalist Gary Aboud and former energy minister Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan.

'We will be guided by ruling of court'
Energy minister Franklin Khan says unless the Industrial Court makes any ruling against the decision to end Petrotrin's operations, the Government will proceed as planned.

Industrial Court to rule on Monday
Attorneys trade legal blows over Petrotrin refinery

Court rules on OWTU injunction Mon

Espinet: No plan to decommission Petrotrin refinery

Businessman after budget: People feel 'raped'

How much Property Tax will the gov't be collecting?

Seven Unipet supervisors sacked
...surprisingly handed retrenchment letters, as the company embarked on a restructuring exercise, claiming that their jobs have become redundant.

Killed by bandits despite mom's plea
A man was shot and killed in Penal this afternoon by two men who broke into the home of his parents.

Smuggling migrants not a criminal offence
...the Immigration Act only covers the illegal entry of a person, in which the illegal entrant is prosecuted, rather than the person who smuggles an individual into the country.

Illegal financial gains globally stands at US$7b
...generated from migrant smuggling

Brace for bad sea conditions— Met Office

Rowley regrets inability to play pan

Udecott tackles chair vending
THE Urban Development Corporation of TT (Udecott) has been awarded the contract to provide facilities management services at the Maracas Beach.

Willliamsville protest brings results
TWO days of protests at Garth Road, Princes Town had brought results.

Six T&TEC workers suspended
Fallout over 'day of rest and reflection'...

$.25m for unholy posts
Woman to compensate church for defamation

No malfunction of husband's gun
Forensic expert in 'hornerman' trial:

35 statements filed, 9 testify in Vicky's cruise-ship case

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