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Posted: Monday, August 13, 2018

Ex-High Commissioner to India wrote to Rowley

Rowley: Roget refused to meet with me
Don't threaten me. That's the warning Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is sending to OWTU President General Ancel Roget.

PM invited to international ganja conference
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and members of his Cabinet have been invited to attend an international cannabis conference to be held in Jamaica next month, to help in their ongoing discussions on decriminalisation and possible legalisation of marijuana

Griffith: I'm over-scrutinised
"Time to shift focus from personality and points to position and performance."

Imbert: NIF oversubscribed by 50 per cent

PM confirms PNM re-election bid
...He said he has the right to prevent "imps" from entering the executive to ruin the party and on September 30 the party will be called upon under the one-man one-vote system to vote not just for a political leader but for executive members.

Investigate purchase of Coast Guard vessels
Devant writes to Australia's AG:

Interns must work in primary hospital setting to specialise
THE TT Medical Association (TTMA) has expressed concern about the lack of employment for qualified medical professionals, and in particular house officers in the public sector.

Enough doctors to deal with eye care

Replace dead prison alarm system
POA head slams Govt inaction

Special training to benefit hearing impaired
As part of its effort to improve services for differently-abled students, the Ministry of Education recently completed a two-week sign-language exercise for 22 members of the Student Support Services Division.

Calls for updated Fisheries Act
FISHERMEN and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) secretary Gary Aboud continues to call for an update to the Fisheries Act, saying this continues to be a hindrance to the industry's development.

D'Abadie shooting claims another life

Teen dies in hospital

Weekend murders take toll to 336

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