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I'm happy to be alive
Posted: Friday, August 10, 2018

I'm happy to be alive
CNC3 anchor shaken after carjacking

CNC3 reporter's car stolen again, outside police station

Cop: Surrender your keys, not your life
If you ever find yourself in the horrifying situation of being held up at gunpoint for your vehicle, the best chance of survival is just surrender your keys and not retaliate.

Thieves target vehicles outside CPL opener
Reports stated that thieves smashed the back glasses of four vehicles parked outside the Queen's Park Oval between Jackson Square and Serpentine Road, leaving with thousands of dollars worth of valuable items, mirrors and headlights.

Young reaches out to news anchor after robbery

Gary makes salary counter-offer
Newly-appointed Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has put forward an offer for the terms and conditions of his contractual agreement with the National Security Ministry.

Griffith denies $135,000 salary demand

Govt engages Fitch for third credit rating
CABINET has approved the engagement of credit ratings agency Fitch to do a third rating on TT's economy.

$50.25 million to be spent to upgrade Israeli radar system

'The next thing I am seeing he dead on Facebook'
D'Abadie bloodbah 2 dead, 2 wounded

He died being helpful
Relatives of man shot in D'Abadie:

Schoolgirl shot in 'bloodbath'
A 15-year-old schoolgirl is among two survivors from last night's shooting incident in D'Abadie, which also left two men dead.

Health Minister warns doctors

Docs to lose Gate if they refuse public work
Cabinet yesterday took a decision that all house officers who refuse to take up employment in the public health care system will have their Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses programme (Gate) loans pulled.

Couva Children's Hospital to become first public sector paying facility

Union, Petrotrin deny strike rumours

Cabinet orders audit of all 14 regional bodies
On the heels of allegations of corruption and fraud at four municipal corporations in the last two weeks

Man found guilty of pushing carpenter off cliff
Loses teeth, face stitched back

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