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Trump Demolition Derby Continued Unabated in Helsinki
Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

By Stephen Kangal
July 18, 2018

Stephen KangalNo world leader today except perhaps Vladimir Putin can now feel safe and insulated from the egotistical decline, hubris, narcissistic compulsive obsessions and the tantrums of President Trump having now bequeathed a trail of destruction and diplomatic debris in the aftermath of his recently concluded European safari. Perhaps the baby blimp that overshadowed and distracted from his tour of Britain is sadly reflective of his immature modus operandi as the US President.

In fact in the face of his weak and embarrassing prostration and beholden before his friend Putin (former KGB operative) in Helsinki he would appear to be a threat to the peace, good order and indeed the security of the West given his NATO position and anti-EU policy. Putin has an undisclosed file on Trump that constricts his pronouncements on the ‘competitor’.

International diplomacy must be instituted to stem the tide of this contagion spreading further that can threaten and sully the bilateral relations of the USA because no leader in their sanity would ever feel safe and sound to invite President Trump to visit their country because of his established and well-documented Dr Jeckel and Dr Hyde unpredictability and shenanigans from a self-confessed deal maker and magician.

Helsinki well known for its neutrality, serenity and benign host to US-USSR leaders’ summitry was transformed into an epi-centre of a diplomatic seismic event that radiated and propelled shock waves across the Atlantic evoking wrath, widespread outrage and condemnation on Capitol Hill of a President who sacrificed Western liberal values, institutional integrity and the democratic ethic on a Kremlin altar with Putin officiating and his Foreign Minister nodding in agreement.

After the stability and strong foundational stones laid during the Obama presidency, rift valleys of conflicts are now obstructing international relations and turning the world up-side down by a zero – sum trade war, alienation of the EU as a foe and turning a blind eye on atrocities being perpetrated by Putin.

Trump’s ill-timed European safari was more notable for what it reveals of a maverick President than what it conceals. His credibility is all but non-existent for what he says in the morning is retracted in the evening at NATO and at Chequers. He claims in Helsinki to have changed and salvaged the whole tenour and tone of the deterioration of US-Russian relations in magical four hours.

This is not a political and diplomatic emergency for Washington/Congress exclusively to address. It is a matter for the free world- the very survival of democratic traditions and values that we all cherish after surmounting the military threat of Nazism and the stultification of the centrally planned economies of the USSR.

In Helsinki the conduct of American foreign policy has been so damaging to the image and integrity of the hallowed institutions and operating principles of the USA that it may take decades to repair. There is more than the proverbial mortar in this Trump-Putin pestle. It is going to get worse unless Congress intervenes surgically and pre-emptively to rein in this loose cannon of a President going wild and destructive.

In Helsinki with the world press in attendance, all hell broke loose when President Trump:

– Prostrated before high priest Putin to the extreme embarrassment of Democrats and Republicans in Washington and the Obama Presidency;
– Appeared to be beholden and submissive to Putin with a sword of Damocles held over him;
– Discredited the American system of justice, elections, governance, diplomacy and intelligence gathering agencies and officials;
– Gave credence to Putin rather than the investigations/revelations of the Robert Mueller Commission on proven Russian interference in the US 2016 Elections.

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