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Woman to pay for Facebook posts
Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Woman to pay for Facebook posts
A WOMAN who accused a female prison officer of abandoning her children at the side of the road on social media, has been ordered to pay her $75,000 in compensation for defamation.

Ramdeen criticises gov't: Zero arrests after anti-gang legislation's passing

Southern Division safer: Serious crimes down, says cop

Garcia: I too had given education a failing grade

Doodhai warns education minister
...that there may be teacherless classrooms next term if negotiations with the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) are not started by September.

YTEPP gives loans to employees breach of ethical practices and has raised questions of improper spending of tax-payer funds through loans to staff and poor spending practices.

Expect thunder, lightning today
ITCZ interacting with 'hind leg of tropical wave'

Calypso fraternity planning benefit concert for De Fosto.

$158K forbad charge
Man proves malicious prosecution case

Cop robbed of gun while giving stranger a 'drop'

Million dollar mechanic: Caught transporting cocaine

$5,000 fine for cocaine
A Penal man caught with 14 rocks of cocaine close to the Balmain Presbyterian School on Monday was fined $5,000 today.

Cops hold 2 after robbery, get back $$
BARATARIA police on Tuesday night held two robbery suspects and seized a gun and stolen cash.

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