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Posted: Thursday, June 7, 2018

Gang-war fears as police intel reveals

Dillon: Police unaware of gang wars in city

Ex-colleagues differ on Anti-Gang Act

Griffith: Police must act
FORMER national security minister Gary Griffith said the Police Service must act, now that the Anti-Gang Bill is law.

Dillon: Cops have plan to deal with gangs

Dulalchan ditched
Govt rejects CoP nominee

I was the top candidate
Griffith vows to sue PSC over CoP selection process

Rambharat: Fraudsters selling same parcel to different buyers
"There is little we can do to stop that except through the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service."

Ramdeen: Land given away 'willy nilly'
OPPOSITION Senator Gerald Ramdeen has expressed concern about an incident where land was "given away" by the Commissioner of State Lands without any approvals.

Cross talk over Dulalchan in the House
CoP selection flawed

Pundits talk property tax

UNC caught napping
PM rings by-election bell

SDMS challenges 'new' marriage licence process
"..not justified by nor consistent with any statutory requirement under law... directly and immediately violate the constitutional liberties of the SDMS' pundits"

US Embassy: Imported chicken not inferior
...after Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat reportedly called "inferior" American chicken a threat to farmers' viability.

Govt failed Guatemalan people
Trinis trapped near volcano say

Teachers absent, exams postponed
Teachers walked off the Church Street, La Romaine school compound last week Tuesday after the electrical inspectorate issued a barrage of safety violations.

Massy CEO defends $10 bag

Family must give permission clear the air on reports claiming the patient committed suicide because of the patient charter and issues related to patient confidentiality

Police accompany woman to husband's funeral
Man killed by close relative

Released murder suspect homeless and not welcome in his community
He was suspected of bludgeoning housewife Kavita Lisa Jokhan, 27, to death at her home on May 23. Police had arrested him at the crime scene with blood all over his clothes.

Murder trial expected to start
Ragoopath is accused of chopping Nedd and setting his Otaheite, South Oropouche house on fire on March 20, 2016.

Man in court 4 years after arrest
FOUR years after he was arrested with allegedly having in his possession US$693,000

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