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Posted: Friday, June 1, 2018

Man run over by relative in dump truck

Dump truck killer
Drunk man murders relative using vehicle as weapon

Trini held in Jordan after Carnival terror plot returns home

Govt must place order now
New ships from Australia, says PM

Oropune residents beat alleged child predator
AN Arouca man is now in critical condition after residents of Oropune Gardens, Piarco reportedly administered vigilante justice after an incident in the area on Wednesday night.

Oropune residents smoke out suspected paedophile
...investigators learned that hours before they arrived the man was involved in an incident with a six-year-old girl from the community.

SWAHA: Hijab row should not have happened

See it in both directions
Archbishop on hijab controversy:

SDMS principals support Sat wanted to publicly express its support for Maharaj and "the SDMS for its stance to uphold the dress code that has always been in effect at the school."

Archbishop concerned over 'dumbing down' God's mysteries

Gun smugglers jailed in US

Ten years of my life lost
Mom readjusts after freed from prison:

Taxi driver freed of raping cousin
A 39-year-old taxi driver from Arima has been freed of raping his cousin in 2009.

Sando hairdresser goes missing
Police have launched a search for missing hairdresser Vidya Tambie who was last seen on High Street, San Fernando, on Tuesday.

Agriculture Minister: Humans the biggest risk to the environment

Carli Bay fishermen living on cutlass fish
With fish prices traditionally lower after the Easter season, Carli Bay fishermen are experiencing something of a boom, as the majority of their catch of cutlass fish is being exported to China.

Tunapuna/Piarco has highest domestic-violence reports
STATISTICAL data provided by the police, the Health Ministry and the Office of the Prime Minister Gender Affairs Division showsTunapuna/Piarco

Gordon: Murder rate troubling, painful

Farmers found murdered
Police were last night investigating the deaths of a Williamsville couple whose bullet riddled bodies were discovered at their home late yesterday.

Couple found shot dead at Williamsville home

3 accused of throwing faeces at cops denied bail on robbery charges
One of the reasons why it took the police five days to charge three robbery suspects is because they threw faeces at the police from the police cell.

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