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Catholics opposed to law's removal
Posted: Saturday, April 7, 2018

Catholics opposed to law's removal
AS protests continue over the proposed removal of the anti-buggery law, the Catholic Church yesterday issued a release expressing its opposition to the law's removal

Kicker: Hundreds march against gay sex
"Laventille-based Redemption Christian Centre pastor Dr Victor Gill of the T&T Cause non-governmental organisation (NGO) made his position clear..."

Tears for father, son held by Spanish-speaking men
Kidnapped on the high seas

Food, US$ sought for ransom

Venezuelan authorities: They were fishing illegally

Nat Sec officials aware of high seas kidnapping
...the circumstances surrounding the capture of the three men raised more questions, as it was revealed the fishermen were chased by the Venezuelan Coast Guards, back into Trinidad waters where they were arrested

Latin Assoc boss: La Guardia Nacional can't be trusted

200 Venezuelans every week by boat; more coming illegally

Criminals and non-criminals mixed at Detention Centre

33 illegal immigrants held at hotels/bars

$$ woes hinder repatriation

Dumas: PM put cart before horse sending the reports submitted to him on the diplomatic blunder over Dominica to Ambassador Christopher Thomas, after he had already exonerated Minister Dennis Moses and assigned blame to public servants.

Now cooling pump on T&T Spirit faulty

New evidence in data mining claims against UNC
Minutes of 2014 meeting identifies plan

Baptiste-Primus: Ghosts chased from OJT

WITCO: Tobacco tax makes TT a smuggler's paradise
"Over the years (the State) has taxed cigarettes so much that it's created a smuggler's paradise because the profits from illegal versus legal are so huge people are willing to take that risk..."

NGC: April 2 resumption of CNC gas supply

Fresh complaint from FFOS over Manzanilla highway

'Apologise in action, not just words'
First Peoples chief tells Pope

Risky to confront armed banditsócops
Police have issued a warning to homeowners that it is too risky to take matters into their own hands to defend their properties from armed intruders.

Hands off! - Male cops searching females
THE Police Complaints Authority is taking issue with the police service's statement that male officers can lawfully search female suspects.

Kumti left home again
She subsequently went to the Barrackpore Police Station where she met her husband, Tilke Gopaul.

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