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CDA to pay $15m for Convention Centre
Posted: Sunday, March 18, 2018

CDA to pay $15m for Convention Centre

T&T Spirit back before Easter weekend
The T&T Spirit which was taken out of service on June 6 last year has completed all major works and is expected to resume service by Friday

Contingency plans still in effect for ferry passengers

Carmona survives

Shamfa: 10 years of low tourist arrivals

Govt, gas firms open to talks
Energy Minister Franklin Khan yesterday announced that Government had already had preliminary discussions with some gas companies and they were "open to talking" about re-negotiating their contracts.

TT gets D on tax system
THIS country has gotten Ds, the worst possible grade on 18 of 28 high-level indicators critical to tax administration performance says Finance Minister Colm Imbert.

EOC head: Amend Domestic Violence Act, improve police response
In 2017 of the 52 women murdered, 43 of these were due to domestic violence and in the first quarter of 2018 over 15 deaths have been recorded thus far.

PoS in danger of sinking

Blame PNM
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday blamed politics in the PNM administration of Patrick Manning for triggering the 12-year delay in the construction of the Vieux Fort housing development in St James.

Kamla: Why deny people right to land search?

Workers claim sabotage at St Augustine Nurseries
The workers were informed several weeks ago that the presence of the yellow dragon disease affected hundreds of citrus trees at the facility, rendering the fruit tasteless, and that the trees needed to be cut down.

Saving Samuel's work
Government has introduced a clause in the Registration of Titles to Land (Amendment) (No.2) Bill, which takes away the right of citizens to do searches at the land registry.

Mitchell: Squatters out Clifton Towers
...residents of Clifton Towers, East Dry River are upset that evicted squatters are returning and supposedly being paid to refurbish the apartments.

'PP gave blank sheets as deeds'

PNM by-elections nominations close Monday
Arrangements for the PNM internal party elections and local government bi-elections are being put in place.

No flu deaths in TT, says Health Minister
Deyalsingh revealed last year, the ministry gave out 75,000 doses of influenza shots to citizens, free of charge.

Samuel Walrond fought for decades to get work recognised

Police come up empty-handed in Manhunt for La Brea suspect

Police Association wants to meet on laws
Following suspension of 3 cops...

Carnival detainees start legal action against State
By tomorrow, at least three of some 13 people detained and released in the Carnival searches would have issued legal letters to the State.

'Get children to safety'
THE last thing Military Police Sgt Ken Palmer told his common-law wife Radica was to get their children away as a gunman cornered him in the front yard of his Gasparillo home

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