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Judge rules probe into CJ illegal
Posted: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Judge rules probe into CJ illegal... Law Association to appeal
...investigation ruled illegal, unreasonable, irrational and contrary to the Legal Profession Act, which established the association.

Judge rules: Law Association cannot probe CJ has no power

Archie off on sabbatical to rest, reflect, study

Former CJ Sharma: Who granted Archie leave?

Duke backs Tobago shutdown

Carmona announces inauguration of new President

PM meets with Muslim leaders today

Cedros residents get Lake View keys
Cedros residents who lost their homes to coastal erosion last week will receive the keys to rental units this morning.

Court for children
...children in need of the care and protection of the State or in need of intervention, now have a system that is purpose-built for their unique circumstances.

Youths in crime rate high

CoP candidates 'friendly' with PSC members
IT was revealed that not one but two candidates up for the post of Commissioner of Police (CoP) and deputy CoP had friendly relationships with certain members of the former Police Service Commission (PSC).

Cop on corruption charges
...four charges of corruptly receiving and four charges of corruptly soliciting sums totalling $46,000, to forego prosecuting four suspects accused of possession of firearms and ammunition.

Three suspended over Dulalchan land
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Angela Siew is among three people suspended by the Public Service Commission pending an investigation into a license for lands...

PCA: Rape victims' complaints about police 'disturbing'

Sexual harassment in workplace a widespread issueŚMinister

Rape victim, 77, dies before predator convicted
Prisoner Allison Paul who was also known as Allison Ramsingh and Blacks, was charged with burglary with intent to rape and rape of the woman in 2006.

Antibiotic cocktail for bacteria-infected babies
...problems were caused by babies with bacterial infections and their cots being too close to other babies

Oil spill at Catshill field
STATE-owned oil company Petrotrin has once again activated its oil spill response system after a spill was found at its controversial Catshill oilfield in Moruga yesterday.

Agricultural Society to stay put for now

Family of Beetham hit-and-run victim: "Driver, tell us what happened"
THE family of the elderly man struck dead on the Beetham Highway, Port of Spain on Sunday, would like the driver of the vehicle to step forward and report the incident.

Accused Russian-wife beater: 'Don't let her leave the country'
A BUSINESSMAN who allegedly twice beat his pregnant Russian wife pleaded with the court yesterday to order that she not be allowed to leave the country.

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