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Posted: Friday, February 23, 2018

IN THE absence of regular police foot patrols, criminals have taken to patrolling their territories which include several residential neighbourhoods in Diego Martin, Catholic priest Fr Ashton Gomez revealed on Wednesday

Petrotrin seniors asked to resign
...the resignations, while not yet finalised, are part of the board's restructuring plan for the company.

Petrotrin to be split into two
From March 1, Petrotrin will be splitting into two distinct business units, one focusing on upstream production and the other on downstream.

No foul scent, but water tables could be compromised in Point
...which pervaded the atmosphere at Point Fortin on Tuesday and caused schools to be dismissed early and several businesses to close operations prematurely, just yet.

Bias against me
CJ sues to block Law Association probe

CJ Archie threatens lawsuit
IN AN unexpected twist, Chief Justice Ivor Archie has threatened legal action against the Law Association for its investigation of his alleged misconduct in office.

Committee to meet on CoP selection
The public hearings will begin at 9 am today at the Parliament building.

State moving forward with North Grove development, despite protests

Teacher's stolen van recovered
THE Nissan Frontier taken at gunpoint from a trainee teacher at the Jordan Hill Presbyterian primary school on Wednesday was found abandoned in Block 6, Palmiste

Cops: Car thieves targeting women driving SUVs

Review school security now

Protest outside Flanagin RC
ALMOST a century ago, the ancestors of the currents students of the Flanagin Town RC School were moved into a nearby church when their school building was destroyed by fire.

Criminals will target revellers
J’Ouvert bands on shift to PoS:

Political activist removed from PNM meeting
...after he interrupted the event to complain about the poor state of some of the country's roads.

Maduro: Digital currency puts Venezuela on tech vanguard
Cash-strapped Venezuela on Tuesday became the first country to launch its own version of bitcoin

Seaweed worry as Leatherback turtles head to T&T

Coastal warning: Rough seas bulletin in effect

Hosein: Visit the mud volcano…when it's safe

Chatelal forgives Yorke as loan repaid
So stated reigning Chutney Soca Monarch Neval Chatelal in an open letter to former T&T and Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke yesterday, following the repayment of a $250,000 loan.

"Mighty Trini" hits poor treatment for culture

Mom, dad, children arrested

...charged with possession of guns, ammo

Garbage truck driver in East PoS protest charged
The 34-year-old from Diego Martin was yesterday charged for wilfully obstructing the free passage of a road and for littering.

Man names killers before dying
A 49-year-old Wallerfield man who was severely beaten by a group of men and dumped at the side of the road named his killers before he succumbed to his injuries

Man found dead under fallen wall he was demolishing
THE BODY of a Santa Flora man was found buried under rubble near a concrete wall he had been demolishing four days ago.

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