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Final offer!
Posted: Friday, January 26, 2018

Final offer! - NGC calls on CNC to reconsider
National Gas Company (NGC) chairman Gerry Brooks has appealed to the management of the Caribbean Nitrogen Company (CNC) to let good sense prevail and to reconsider its latest offer.

NGC, CNC head to UK Court of Arbitration

Displaced CNC workers hoping to find jobs abroad

Cops: Dulalchan a surprise candidate
Police Service Commission (PSC) has selected acting deputy Police Commissioner (Operations), Deodath Dulalchan to be T&T's new top cop.

Who got the highest grade? - Nominations submitted to President

'Fake oil' fallout: Vidya gets the axe from Petrotrin
After months of internal investigations, State owned Petrotrin has fired hospitality officer turned oil transfer specialist Vidya Deokiesingh.

A&V Gas fails to get injunction against State

"I didn't stab him. He stabbed himself by mistake."

'Why I finally reported my abusive husband'
...battered wife tells her story

Drugs found in prison officer's locker

Ganja in juice packs
were among items seized from a locker belonging to a prison officer in the dormitory at the Port of Spain prison on Tuesday.

Carmona's EBC letter error

Woman charged for ‘fake' CXC certificate
The 24-year-old mother of a one-year-old boy was yesterday granted $30,000 bail for allegedly producing a false CXC certificate when she applied to become a municipal police officer at Tuesday's recruitment drive at City Hall.

Fighting ignorance in pan

Pan Trinbago boss: All systems in place for Savannah Party

Rowley: A man of many talents...except this
Rowley shared that he admires people who make music and the steel band.

Suffering residents shamed on social media
...for trying to make collapsed road safer

Tell tale signs of human trafficking

Driver on trial fortriple road fatality
More than 15 years after a two-car crash claimed the lives of three passengers, the State yesterday began prosecuting one of the drivers for allegedly causing their deaths.

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