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Posted: Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Soca Monarch prize $ slashed again:
First place winner now takes home $300,000

Gridlock as city stops for Max

Ferry sailings affected by State funeral

Maxine: Dedicate Carnival 2018 to former president
Putting forward the proposal was Richards' daughter, Maxine, as she spoke to the media in the lobby of the Parliament, Port-of-Spain, where her father's body will lie in State for a second day today

Dillon: Govt not buying out CoP's leave

'They will kill Carnival' - promoter knocks EMA police

Newtown Playboys retain single pan title

Murdered schoolboy's mom says farewell from behind bars
According to sources, Carlene King, 47, is an outpatient of the St Ann's Psychiatric Hospital and is behind bars for the 2007 murder of her niece La Toya King.

Survivors scarred for life
One of the survivors of the deadly attack that claimed the life of schoolboy Joshua Andrews, 15, was inconsolable at Andrews' funeral yesterday.

Body found wrapped in sheet at Mt Lambert
Police are seeking the public's assistance in identifying a murder victim, whose body was found in Mt Lambert yesterday.

Severed leg, arm washes ashore

Bullets fly under cover of rain
Imani Blackett's ambition of becoming a cattle farmer and purchasing his own car died with him yesterday as he was gunned down while working at his cousin's parlour.

Fisherman killed over missing boat light
An argument between two fishermen over a missing boat light ended in murder in the fishing village of Cumana near Toco on Sunday.

Was this man killed in a hit-and-run?
Taran Persad Aligar, 49, was found dead on Papourie Road - near where he lived.

Hit-and-run victim thankful to be alive
Twenty-year-old Seema Kelly Ramkissoon, the young woman who was struck by a car which never stopped on Friday evening in San Francique, Penal, has been discharged from hospital.

Christmas Eve mystery : Where is Motilal?
he family of Motilal Alladean, 64, said they have searched across the country for him without success.

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