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'I begged my daughter to walk away from abuse'
Posted: Wednesday, January 3, 2018

'I begged my daughter to walk away from abuse'
The woman, identified as Arisa Vana David, 25, was the mother of two girls—ages seven and two—was in an abusive relationship for the past seven years, relatives said.

Children tell granny after murder: WE CAN'T WAKE MUMMY!
Accustomed to seeing her being physically abused, two sisters - aged three and eight - did not react when a close male relative began to beat and choke their mother Arisa David

Spike in murders worries police
WITHIN the first 48 hours of 2018, there have been eight murders recorded, at least four incidents of shootings, and two incidents where women were assaulted by men in their lives.

TTMA: Economy may takesome time to improve

PM invites Kamla to President talks discuss nominations for the election of a new President for T&T.

Ex-Speaker Sinanan says: Not me and presidency

Tobago Chamber seeks meeting with Rowley

Ras Kommanda: TATT should stay out Calypsonians' business
"It depends on who is hearing it. If you have your carnal mind, I can't do anything for that,"... "Remember, calypsonians don't use obscene language. We are word benders. But it is what you have in your mind."

Aboud: New laws can save fishermen's lives
...draft Fisheries Management Bill of 2011 to be made a law to help alert fishermen of potential dangers at sea.

RBC Sangre Grande closes
...the owner of the building had given the bank notice that he needed the other half of his building back

Mayaro residents reeling from flood damage
Residents of Mafeking Village in Mayaro rang in the new year dealing with "the worst floods ever" to hit their area.

Low tides, warm weatheraid flood clean-up drive

Litter wardens need to be more proactive
Litter wardens need to more visible and on the field to combat illegal dumping which contributed to devastating floods across the country, says Rural Development Minister Kazim Hosein.

'Burkie' backlash scars Govt's image

State ready to start case against Vicky

Gardener in court wounding wife and son
A Barrackpore man who allegedly breached a protection order and stabbed his estranged wife and son was denied bail yesterday when he appeared before a Siparia magistrate yesterday.

Victim was not gang member
Shortly after midnight on Monday, Brandon Khan, 25, was liming with friends at Goodwill Street two gunmen opened fire on the group.

CAL flight attendant nabbed
...gun and ammo in car

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