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NLCB suggests Sunday betting
Posted: Sunday, December 10, 2017

NLCB suggests Sunday betting
Initially, when the state lottery system was implemented Sundays and religious public holidays were left untouched as a "mark of respect" to people of different faiths.

Chief Justice laments murder of Sasha Fierce, calls it a hate crime
Fierce, whose given name is Keon Allister Patterson, was killed at Nelson Mandela Park, St Clair, on Tuesday night.

Silver Lining declares: #SayHerName, Sasha Fierce
"She was a transgender woman, the 2nd runner up at the recent Queen of Queens pageant, an advocate for transgender rights, and an HIV activist..."

Kamla: Don’t blame me, Rowley
...asserted that the PNM administration was attempting to blame the Opposition benches for the runaway murder rate.

Prakash: No need for anti-gang laws

Mitchell: Anti-gang law could stop squatters
The anti-gang legislation could have been used by police officers to lay more substantial charges against those who had illegally occupied apartments at Clifton Towers, Port of Spain.

Crime hits home
More than 4,400 murdered in the last 10 years

Suruj: US$ in black market
Small companies find it hard to establish bank accounts and so are withholding their foreign exchange from the formal economy

No additional houses for prison officers—Mitchell
... there were under 2,500 prison officers across T&T and that HDC allocates ten per cent of homes to members of the Joint Protective Services.

Dick to get HDC home if son qualifies

Adoption conundrum
...76 parents on approved waiting list but no babies to take home

Human milk bank coming soon
$1M to care for each premature baby...

CAL: No link to guns
The guns were allegedly destined to take a CAL flight from the airport to Kingston, Jamaica.

Pundit: Cops slow even with social media
Ganesh Samaroo, 38, was chopped to death in front of his house at Perseverance Road, Couva on Tuesday evening; response by law enforcement to the crime was too slow

Man shot dead in Pleasantville
Investigators said he was known to the police and had a number of drug-related charges before the court.

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