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Posted: Friday, August 18, 2017

CEO: I'm not fired

...Dumas: Heads must roll
FORMER head of the Public Service Reginald Dumas is calling for resignations and heads to roll in the procurement of the Ocean Flower II and the Cabo Star vessels.

Lewis still on duty at PATT no way was she suspended as a consequence of any investigation into the procurement of any vessel for use on the sea bridge.

A 12-year-old boy and his 18-year-old brother appeared in court yesterday charged with the killing of 15-yearold Emmanuel Okera near a church at Calcutta #2, Freeport on Friday last.

Cabinet okays $53.2m Golden Grove upgrade
Constructed since the 1940s...It featured 180 cells originally designed to house three inmates each, but because of the current overcrowding situation cells now house between eight to ten inmates.

Judiciary must deal with it
Young admits Parliament can't touch Marcia fiasco

GML retrenches 31
Guardian Media Ltd yesterday announced the retrenchment of 31 staff members, following a consultation process with BIGWU which started on May 3.

Garcia: Small improvement in CAPE performance for 2017
There has been a slight improvement in the performance of students in both unit one and two in the 2017 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) results as compared to the performance of students in 2016

Tropical Storm Harvey forms
BARBADOS, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Martinique were yesterday placed under Tropical Storm warning while Dominica was under a storm watch

'Twister' strikes Aripero
Roofs ripped off without warning

Leaking pipe erodes road

PM sends crimeplans to Kamla
...Young questions Opposition delay on issue

Judge orders release of Nigerian
A High Court judge has ordered the release of a Nigerian man, who was scheduled for deportation whilst having cases pending for drug trafficking.

Woman charged in 'fake rape' case
A judiciary employee who allegedly made a false report to the police of being raped by a taxi driver has been granted $10,000 bail on a charge of wasting the police time

Sicko terrorising young girls in central
EIGHT years after the court removed two girls from a sexually abusive situation and placed them in the care of other relatives, they are once again faced with a similar situation.

Father still crying out for justice
THE murder of 16-year-old Jesse Beephan whose body was found at the back of his school in Waterloo, after he went missing on March 20, remains unsolved.

Victim of 'spiritual attack' at school dies after setting herself ablaze
ONE of the victims of a 2010 incident, described as an attack by evil spirits at the Moruga Secondary School, was buried on Tuesday one week after she set herself ablaze.

Police investigating sex messages between adults and children
SEVERAL Whatsapp messages featuring sexually explicit conversations between adult men and teenager and pre-teens are being investigated by police.

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